Friday, September 5, 2008

Emotional Teenagers Self Mutilate

Singapore is among the country that sees a rise in teenagers that self mutilate. In the last decade, countries like Australia and US have seen a 40% increase. Self mutilation is usually done with some objects like a knife, lighters or sharp objects and inflicting pain and cuts on themselves. Some teenagers have done it over and over again.

In a workshop recently, social workers reported that they are seeing more cases of which teenagers that had problems coping with self esteem, parents' divorce and and relationship problem find that self mutilating helps them to externalise their problems. In comparing gender, more girls than boys do that as girls tend to be more emotional when dealing with issues or stress. There used to be a TV documentary about some teens who did that before. I cannot remember the title of the show but I remembered it was hosted by Diana Ser.

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