Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Singapore celebrates the Festival of Arts in the second quarter of the year. Although there are many musuems, exhibitions, and all art related, there are many buskers who participate this event in heartlands, train stations, amphitheatres, parks, shopping malls by performing stunts, singing and all forms of entertainment.

Look at these stunts performed on one of the trips to a heartlands. It is free but you may want to donate some amount to show an appreciation and gesture of their performance. These acrobatic stunts are performed by ad hoc buskers who travel and stop at townships. This brings lots of colourful activities to Singaporeans everywhere.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Popular Foods in Singapore

Many people have asked me what are the popular foods in Singapore. Well Singapore is a place of many cultures and has many variety of foods suitable for the young and old and all around the world. The restaurants, hawker centres, food courts, kiosks, food outlets all provide such a vast variety from local, indian, malay, nyonya, and some are fusion cultivated from the cross heritage. The Peranakan or also called Nyonya food is an example of cross heritage of Chinese Hokkien descendants to Singapore, married to the Malay traditional food thus create a food with Chinese and Malay dominance.

If you have been to Newton Food Centre, there are many types of food popular with Singapore's local and tourists. Here is a a large recommendation board that features 'Must Try' dishes.

Click to view a closeup picture and information

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Changi Village, Beach, Jetty

This is the eastern part of Singapore. Changi Point, as it is called remains a quiet getaway for families and courting couples as well as some who used to cherish the memories of living here while it was still a rustic kampung. One can find many food shops (coffee shops and small cafes, restaurants,) or even enjoy the hawker fare at the wet market hawker centre. There is a small jetty with many bum boats and also one can take a ride to Pulau Ubin, another offshore small island of Singapore.

Changi Point/Changi Village/Changi Beach is patronised by many campers, cyclists, and those who also like to have a quiet fishing experience as well as a busier weekend whereby families throng the area for it's good food. A place to getaway from the concrete jungle of Singapore's busy lifestyle, some take their weekend trips and stay in the only hotel Chang Village Hotel and feel as if one is in a foreign land nearby.

Boats at Changi

Changi Village Hotel

The Jetty

Relaxing at sidewalk food outlets

Changi Beach

Stroll along the lowrise flats and shops

Monday, April 21, 2008

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Car Parks in Singapore

There are many high rise buildings in Singapore. Properties are expensive though it is not as expensive as cities around the world like Sydney, Hong Kong and London. This is usually a sign of expensive land prices that are saturated in an area.

In Singapore, car parks do not come free as in many places in Malaysia and Indonesia. Although many Singaporeans live in subsidized housing or government flats, they have to pay for their own car parks too. Some friends of mine got a shock learning this as they thought that as long as you bought an apartment or flat, carpark is either built in as a one time payment and the rest of the months are free. Perhaps so in Singapore private estates of apartments, condominium and the like. But in the local heartlands where the Singaporeans reside in a government flat, they too have to pay for their own car park, either monthly, quarterly or a longer term they choose. Not paying for season car parks may result in getting your car booked. There are officials who come with an electronic PDA-looking device that can scan your car label to see if your season parking is up to date.

A typical car park lot by the month for a flat cost anything from $55 or $65 for multistorey carparks. Even though many Singaporeans may rant about paying for many things, deep in their heart, they make up a large or majority percentage of citizens who trust their government to play the important role of much of the efficiency and developed Singapore.

Look at a typical car park in a housing estate of Singapore living.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Diligent Singapore Drivers

Watch out for speed camera in Singapore

Have you ever travelled on the Singapore roads? Their roads are very clean. The environment is very green too. You can see the trees lining up in rows, with equal space and nothing goes out of place. It is not very difficult to drive in Singapore. Compared with most other countries, the people of Singapore drive according to their lanes. Switching lanes are also indicated most of the time. And when the cabs and cars are going to stop over, they flash their hazard lights at least in 9 out of 10 drivers. So what makes Singapore driving different from the neighbouring countries? Not very much, except that in order to own a car, one need to purchase the COE in advance. COE means Certificate of Entitlement, literally speaking. You need to bid (through a car agent or openly by yourself) like a market share. If your bid is successful (limited quota per month is given for owning of cars/release of COE), you are on your way to an approval which means you can now purchase your preferred car (based on the car size you bid).

Singapore tries to spread their drivers to all over Singapore, thus implementing gantry for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in Central Business Districts and also roads that are deemed to be congested during peak hours. Buses also get a special lane so that other traffic do not block the way and cause delays in their efficient traffic systems.

Speed limit is very controlled in Singapore. Highways are controlled to about 70kph to a maximum of 90kph. Nothing more than than or you'll be caught by the speeding trap located at certain points. Car drivers also pay their parking fines, speeding fines diligently. Cars more than 3 or 4 years have to be checked periodically and produced a certificate of assessment to make sure their car is approved for driving. Without this certificate of assessment, one cannot renew their road tax at all.

Happy Driving, in Singapore!