Monday, September 29, 2008

Electricity Bill will be high at last quarter 2008

Singaporeans may see their electrical bills increased by as much as 21% in the final quarter of 2008. That is because of the higher cost of oil price that pushed up the cost of electricity, in general. For this forth quarter of October 1 to December 31, the electricity tariff for are pegged at S$155.14 per barrel.

Hopefully residents of Singapore will look for ways to cut down on their electricity bills by usage and also opting for electrical equipments that do not consume too much electricity.

In my household alone, we have changed the washing machine to a Japanese brand that has water and electrical saving feature compared with our previous European model. The next step would be to reduce usage of the air-conditioning although it will be hard since the weather in Singapore is really hot and humid most of the time.

Quality Travel Luggage

A luggage that lasts, can be of sentimental value. I had one that I won in a lucky draw and I have been using it for almost 20 years when I was a student studying abroad. It was my first luggage that I hold so dear since it had been around for so many years. I was glad that it being a quality and premium luggage, I am able to cherish it for so long.

Having a family now means I need a much larger bag that can store not just my own clothes but also the ones of my family as well when we go for a holiday. As my children are growing up, they now need their own personal luggage so that they can learn to manage and organize their items for short trips as well. There is no compromise for good quality luggage. You may pay a higher price for a premium piece of designer luggage but it may be worth every penny.

For a start, check out Village Luggage & Gifts, an online luggage store that sells everything from designer luggage bags to travel accessories and gifts for your friends and loved ones. I can never resist a Zero Halliburton luggage. Zero Halliburton luggages are lightweight, durable and have a high resistance to extreme temperatures.

Village Luggage & Gifts know what their customers want and they strive to bring the best in quality, a competitive pricing, and even frills like free gift wrapping for customers' purchase. Corporate orders even get free monogramming and special discounts for purchases in bulk as well. A wonderful place for those who intend to get wedding party gifts as there will be free monogramming or engraving of initials which make great personalised presents.

Paul Newman, dies at age 83

If you had been a fan of Paul Newman, you will be heartbroken as he had just passed away on Friday, 26 September 2008, at the age of 83. Paul Newman had been successful for being an Oscar winning legendary actor for his roles in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Cool Hand Luke. He had had major roles in more than 50 motion pictures since 1950 and co stars include the famous Robert Redford, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks.

A heartthrob with a soft and kind heart, he had given tens of millions to charities and set up camps for the children who has cancer or other life threatening diseases. From acting, he also took part in auto racing which was a sport that he had studied in a film, Winning. He turned into a professional race in 1977 and won some major races such as a second in Le Mans in 1979.

A legend, a racer and a generous heart. Paul Newman is survived by his wife, 5 children, grandsons and an older brother. He will be a hero in our hearts, for a long time.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blog is Good for Business

When a person starts our a small home based business he or she rely mostly by word of mouth. Many a times, there is no budget for advertisements and brick and mortar shop to rent. Blog About Blogging is guide that teaches you why this type of business should own a blog. One advantage is definitely because it is publicity itself. It helps to boost your business, through online awareness, updates and the customer base is wide. Read about this marketing tool of blogging and learn more about it's advantages.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Man Arrested in break-ins over 6 days

A 33 year old Chinese national had been arrested for being involved in a series of break-ins at private condominiums around River Valley Road, Tanglin Road and Balmoral Road. This was done over a period of 6 days and they were reported and the suspect was traced to a hotel located in Geylang. At the lobby, police arrested him and uncovered items like foreign currencies, electrical equipments like laptops, mobile phones, watches and more from the man's hotel room. The stolen items were reported to carry a total value of about S$30,000.

He will be charged in court with housebreaking and theft.

More Flights for Sin-KL daily from December 1

From December 1 onwards, there will be an increased of flights between Singapore and KL. This will be when the liberalisation of flights between the two cities start in December month, 2008. Tiger Airways will be adding flight operation between this two cities up to five flights for each way, daily. That will be good news for tourists from both KL and Singapore as well as those who travel for business purpose to KL and Singapore, vice versa.

Jetstar Asia had also reported that it will increase it's flight schedules to 19 flights a week from December 1 too. This access to budget carriers were given since February 2008.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Right Web Host

A company that wishes to bring forth the company to the masses and have online presence will need to have a unique domain name. A unique name, is similar to the signage of a store. When a company has this domain name registered, a hosting company is required to host this website. Choosing a good hosting company is crucial to the performance of the website, in terms of speed, upload and download time and graphics, accessibility and support.

There are numerous web hosting providers in cyberspace. How would you make a decision over which to choose or which is the best solution for you? It is full of time and effort if you were to go to every host and do a full rundown on their packages and value for money. Why not go to a web host rating site that had already done all the hard work for you. This site compiles information from many customer's honest reviews so that you can find the answer to what you are looking for in a webhost. Some webhost charges a premium price that comes full with features for an online store. If you are only looking for a webhost for a simple blog you definitely would not need to be paying for these features. These are some of the mistakes that customers may end up choosing a package that is not right for them. Let web hosting rating be the guide for all your hosting queries.

Read from their wide range of informative articles about Web Hosting, Should You Purchase Cheap Hosting to some c-panel tutorial articles which may prove handy when you found your webhost.

Lost Confidence in China Products for Singaporeans

In just less than a week, sales of Chinese products, especially foodstuff have taken a drastic decline in Singapore. Even those sold in traditional Chinese medicne shops have seen a drop of about 20%. The confidence in Chinese made products is now lost among many Singaporeans.

In the past 3 days, as many as 600 emails and 630 phone calls were made for enquiries on safety aspects over the dairy products from China. Some supermarkets reported no significant change to sales as China products make up a small portion of its retail product offerings while two major supermarket claimed that their sales were adversely affected.

Marriages and Infidelity

Some married individuals did not expect that a harmless flirt in the office could harm their marriage. A simple lunch with a colleague friend could spark off a romance in the making or an exciting forbidden fruit for some married men. First signs of infidelity occur when a married men or women starts to look forward spending time with another of the opposite gender and finds excuses from spending time with their spouse.

Many women are usually very attentive to their spouse's actions and behaviour that it is not difficult for them to find initial Signs of Infidelity of their spouse. For some who are more financially able, they would pay for a private investigator's services to Catch Cheating Spouse for purpose of alimony and child's support if there are any children in their marriage. For many women, it is a shock to them when the signs of a distress marriage is broken down with infidelity. Some goes into blaming themselves and depression whilst some could try to put themselves in a denial stage.

Infidelity does not conclude an end to a marriage or the end of the world. There are many things one can do before one makes the final decision like a close study of their marriage, problems or how to pick up the pieces. An Infidelity Support is available to those who need to know more about this issue, how to deal with it and more information for those who are really lost.

In Infidelity Support, one can read up from a complete resource of services from a divorce attorney, a mediator, about child custody or even perhaps look for help in counseling services to mend a marriage. Pick up some tools that assist to help you heal or prevent infidelity. An Infidelity chat room is also created where chats cover anything from support from chatters to how to look for Signs of a Cheater from those who have survived infidelity.

F1 Tickets Found on Ebay

Just a day before the F1 race flags off on Sunday, there have been cases of tickets sold online at prices as high as S$2,000 for a three day pit grandstand package. The official price of it is at S$1,400. Guess some are determined to make a quick buck knowing that the F1 is something that is much sought for and also the first time in Singapore history. The tickets that are also sold below the market prices are those that are on other spots whereby you probably will see the race car for some few seconds before it speeds away.

Some of those who are selling their tickets online claims that they are selling it because those were gifts and they will not be able to attend it. Reselling of tickets is prohibited based on the F1 purchase terms and conditions.

Goths and their friends

With so many types of subculture lately, you won't be surprised to find many mix and match in trends. These include an extreme in the dressing sense, the hairstyle, or even hanging out with the group of their choice. A Free Goth Chat is available to those who embrace the Goth lifestyle or wants to learn about their history or how it came about. Perhaps they would be the best people to reveal what goes one in their lifes and how they become a Goth.

More Products Tainted with Melamine

As more and more countries are moving into banning dairy products made in China, Singapore has found 5 more products made in China that has traces of the industrial chemical melamine. In the past week, the products that were scanned and tested for melamine were:

YiLi choice dairy fruit bar, yochurt flavourd ice confection
Dutch Lady strawberry milk
White Rabbit creamy candy

The latest findings are:
Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured Milk
Dutch Lady Honeydew Flavoured Milk
Silang - House of Steamed Potato: Potato Cracker,
Xu Fu Ji - Puffed Rice Rolls, Butter Corn Flavour and Cheese Flavour.

Hygiene officers from National Environment Agency have been deployed to inspect bakeries, confectioneries and places that use dairy products to make sure that employees are not using tainted milk on their food products. There are about 2100 bakeries, confectioneries, cake shops and drink stalls in Singapore.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Your Circus Tickets Fast

Buying tickets for circus and other family entertainment have always ended in exasperation for me. I hate long queues and some of the good seats are usually sold out. If you want to get special discounts, you will need to purchase with certain credit cards to qualify.

If you really want to watch some of the popular shows such as the Ringling Brothers Circus, you can try to purchase your tickets in advance online. The Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets are usually sold out fast at the box office. But if you want to be assured of a good time, you can try using A Cheap Seat, that also markets the tickets to the public. To check out the information like schedule venue and seats, you can view it through the website Their information is updated frequently so that you are in touch of the availability of the seats.

Besides this popular circus show, the other events that you can get tickets for are the Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets and the New York City Christmas Show tickets. Ordering tickets from ACheapSeat is very simple. They are also available via telephone besides online. A confirmation for your ticket order is within 24 hours, mostly. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Hurry and get your family the Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets now to avoid disappointment.

Traffic Upsurge To Be Expected During F1

The Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore is just around the corner, starting from Sept 26, 2008. In view of this, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore is expecting a surge of traffic, both ways at land checkpoints during this time.

There will be enhanced security checks by the ICA and a traffic build up is expected. With this, the ICA is advising the public to adjust their travel plans and avoid land travels to Malaysia. The Singaporeans who have valid passports and registered with National Registration Office are adviced to use the Enhanced Immigration Automated Clearance System lanes (eIACS) to encourange efficiency for clearance. Travellers are also advised to double check their passports and to avoid cases of handling of wrong passports as it had also happened before.

Identify The Caller

The access to public phones, cell phones and many phone lines are increasing. Almost everyone has a cell phone or at least a permanent number at home. Sales persons sometimes gets our numbers to make cold calls to sell their products. It can be very irritating especially when the call comes in during a meeting or when you are in the middle of something. If you know the number comes from the same source, block it off with your mobile. If you are not sure whose number it was, use the Caller Identifier feature to check the number up. Some companies call up the same customer with several landlines they own. Know who they are and block them from calling you. You can also place this number on the page to warn others about their persistent. selling tactics.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better Library for CCK and Yishun

New larger libraries for Yishun and Choa Chu Kang will be part of the plan when the libraries are closed for relocation. Yishun Library will be closed from October 13 and Choa Chu Kang Library will be closed on November 1.

During this close, reservations and book drop facilities will be on hold. Users who wish to return the items can return them at the other branches. Yishun will reopen it's new library at Northpoint Shopping Centre and Choa Chu Kang reopens at Lot 1 Shopper's Mall.

Hopefully these new libraries will be bigger, better and more seating spaces. The current one in Choa Chu Kang is usually taken up fast.

Ultrasonography Benefits

Technology in medical science has progress tremendously in the past decades. A technique that allows parents to view their baby from fetus to the development of baby before birth by ultrasound is wonderful. It also helps many medically trained individuals like doctors, surgeons to get a clearer picture of any abnormalities that may occur in abdominal parts like liver, kidneys, the brain, and eyes.

Some specialist hospitals engaged in the skills of an ultrasound technician. A fully certified ultrasound tech can be very fulfilling and rewarding. This is a long term career and with progressive upgrading, one can command a good package of salary, benefits and competitiveness in this industry alone. An ultrasound technician is very much sought for in the medical profession especially in hospitals and other medical industry.

Training for this specialized field is provided by many ultrasound diagnostic schools located in Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and more. There is even an online school provided in Florida. Ultrasonograhpy training and courses are spread over as many as 102 programs for you to choose. Choose the speciality to focus or read up on more information about benefits and environment in being an ultrasound technician.

To find out more about any specific career or jobs that fits your personality, take a career quiz by or read about about the various professions, industry and courses provided.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Products Taken Off Shelves

News reported that over 15 brands of China made products are now been taken off the shelves of many major supermarkets. Some of these products include bread, biscuits such as Want Want Crunch Wafer, Oreo Wafer Sticks, Snickers Peanut Snack Sized bars, Dove Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and more. Condensed milk, crackers and butter that might have it's raw products from China have also been banned from sale. Products are all now been tested for sources of melamine and major supermarkets will only be able to sell them upon the green light by the Singapore's food safety authority.

News also reported that The Chinese company was aware that their dairy product had been contaminated as many complaints about sick children had poured in since last December. In Hong Kong, a second child is ill with kidney stones after drinking contamited Chinese dairy products.

Philippines is now the latest country to put a ban on the import and sale of Chinese dairy products.

Be A Fashion Designer

Fashion trends keep changing every season. It can be a revival of a certain fashion adopted from years or decades ago or it can also be something new and inventive from a new and upcoming fashion designer. The job of a fashion designer can be very interesting. The need to be able to visualize and mix and match with colours, textures, and different materials is important. A successful fashion designer commands very high respect and earns very good money. Their design trends are splashed in fashion magazines and expanded globally in fashion stores.

If you hate to work in a 9 to 5 kind of office job and have a flair for art and drawing figures and fashion sense, a career in the fashion designing industry may be suitable for you. You get to study about the theoretical and the practical aspects of fashion design, or pick up some merchandising, marketing studies for additional prospects. To learn about the numerous fashion degree course available, check out to understand the various fashion degrees for individuals.

No Singaporean Casualties in Pakistan Bomb

On Saturday, at least 60 people were killed when a bomb exploded at the Marriott Hotel, in Islamabad, Pakistan. The truck was detonated by a suicide bomber and there were at least 200 people that were wounded in the attack of the massive explosion. Fears of many of them could be buried under the debris. This hotel is a key metting place for many foreigners.

So far, there are no reports of any Singaporean casualties during this brazen bomb attack. The bomb had ruptured a gas pipeline and it then triggered an enormous blaze into flames. Some of the victims whom were caught trapped on the upper floors of the hotel, had leapt to their deaths trying to escape the fire.

Culinary Art

Food is similar to art. Not only does it please our tastebuds, it also can be very pleasing to the eye, the way it is laid out and the delightful colours and textures. Many good chefs have made it to become world famous and have cookbooks to their names and food shows to their credit. Chefs awarded with Michelin stars are not many and it takes many years of experience, recognition and continuous passion and patience.

It is not so difficult to get a headstart to learn cooking. There are many culinary schools for those who want to make culinary art into a career. Le Cordon Blue program is provided in many listed schools. It is a wonderful program that embraces the teaching of classical French culinary techniques with the traditional American culinary education.

Culinary Chefs have lots of opportunity in around the world. Work in world renowned hotel kitchens, restaurants, food manufacturer to whip up an invention or healthy food in spas and hospitals. With your experience, know-how and creativity, you bring your skills with you. Whip up a little inpiration anywhere, for anyone. Become the next celebrity chef like Jaime Oliver or Gordon Ramsay. Or you can take culinary journey a little differently like a Food Consultant. The journey is bright.

Monday, September 22, 2008

High Rise Litterbugs

Some Singaporeans living in high rise flats and apartments are seeing a 12 per cent increase of litters thrown from the flats by their neighbours. Town Councils upon receiving any complaints or calls will organise stakeouts by the officers or NEA officers to catch the culprits red handed. Such stakeouts are time consuming and also labour intensive as you will never know when the offender will strike.

Minor litter such as cigarette butts and sweet wrappers are charged with a fine of S$200 while some repeat offenders are sent to court, and maybe sentenced to CWO (corrective work order). Placing cameras are among the common ways to catch these culprits.

Be A Professional Nurse

The job of a nurse is a respectful one. It requires lots of patience and passion for one to embrace this professional career. In order to be a fully trained nurse, there are many lpn schools that offer professional trainings towards a Licensed Practical Nurse. This LPN training may take up as little as slightly less than a year for a basic certificate and subsequently the LPN degree from a community college. LPN nurses can expect to earn up to about $35,000 a year upon graduation, depending on which facility or location.

The career of a nurse does not stop once he or she receives the LPN degree. In fact, there are many accreditation that leads the nurse towards the many other areas such as Legal Nurse Consulting, Forensic Nurse, Life Care Planning or even those that handle Case Management for patients and their families.

As the industry for health care grows, demands for nurses are increasing too. Think about how the world will be if there are no nurses to care for a sick and disabled patient. For more information and available courses for a nursing career, read about it at, or look for any lpn schools near to home.

Compulsory Education in Singapore

In Singapore, education is compulsory for all children of primary school age. It is criminal offence if the parents do not enrol their children into schools and encourage regular attendance. English is used as the language of instruction. Students also study an extra language which is the language of the mother tongue for races of Chinese, Malay and Indian. International students are also encourage to pick up a second language of their choice as well.

The normal primary school going age is from Primary 1 to Primary 6. At the end of Primary 6, the national school exam is held. This is commonly known as the Primary School Leaving Examination which prepares the children for secondary school admittance, based on the school results.

Create A Little Eden

For a small country that is filled with many high rise buildings and modern technology, residents in their flats and apartments showed a desire to have plants in their homes. As grounds are mainly concrete or tiled, many apartment and building developers and dwellers adopt the use of Indoor Planters as well as Outdoor Planters within apartment buildings and public places.

Landscape designers also put on their thinking caps and creative thinking to create an illusion that the evironment may looked like a natural little green encloved park with the use of
various planters or Decorative Planters. A little pathway to the entrance can be instantly created by just lining up some planters from the main gate.

Some townhouses also adopt the use of Window Box Planters as a divider as these type of homes do not have gates or walls between houses. It serves as a purpose of dividers and prevents residents from intruding into the space of their neighbours. Planters are also a wonderful way to add greens to your home environment as they can be relocated easily without digging up a garden full of soil. They can also be put away when you need additional space for your patio parties and gatherings.

Upgrading Schemes in Schools Postponed

Rising construction costs have caused many upgrading schemes in Singapore's school to be put on hold. There has been no new projects to be announced for the year 2008 while six schools will have theirs deferred for a year. Some schools that had scheduled massive renovation works, such as CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School will have their upgrading scheme pushed back till 2010. The students and staff had been putting up with water logged walls and classrooms that are cramped. The school building is said to be about 20 years old. The building of indoor sports hall in every school was also planned in 2006, in a S$690 million over a period of seven years. However, this year will not see any of the 25 schools getting the go ahead.

The government has also decided to postpone public sector projects as well. Construction costs are high.

Black is In for Goths

Singapore is a country where it picks up trends and cultures fast. In Orchard Road and places that teenagers hang out, you tend to notice the latest clothes, style, colours and more. There are also a small percentage of them who adopts the culture called Goth. Goth Girls and Boys are usually seen with unusual hairstyles, dark clothings, lots of body piercing and they wear symbols of the Christian cross. Some of these teens turn to such culture when they are alienated, desperate, filled with anger, hatred and many of them come from broken homes.

White Rabbit Cream Candy Banned in Singapore

In the latest news, Singapore found more traces of melamine in China - made dairy products. The latest item that was found to be tainted is the White Rabbit brand Cream Candy that is imported from China.

Melamine is a chemical that can cause kidney stones and subsequently leading to kidney failure. On Friday alone, Singapore had been advised to ban all products that comes from China and to take them off the shelves with immediate effect. Retailers and importers have started to recall the products and not to sell them, based on AVA (Singapore's Agri Food and Veterinary Authority) request. Consumers who may have any of these product at home have been advised not to consume them.

Ban includes yoghurt, chocolate, ice cream, milk, biscuits and candy. Countries like Japan, Brunei, Malaysia have also announced an immediate ban on these products as well. In China alone, gourmet coffee Starbucks have stopped offering milk in their 300 outlets.

Exchange Tips About Fitness

Having a healthy lifestyle is good. Although you see many Singaporens working late on a working week, during the weekends, many will be seen hitting the gyms and outdoor places like park for a little bit of exercise and stretching. The sports stadiums are fully booked with tennis courts and badmiton courts all taken up. If you have a passion to meet more friends and talk about fitness programs or tips, Fitness Guys is a new chatroom to go to. Share with them what you do on a regular weekend of keeping fit.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tsunami in Singapore

At a news conference in the launch of a report on the impact of climate change on poor people (by the aid and development organisation World Vision) recently, a professor Wong Poh Poh (National University of Singapore geography department) urged the Singapore government to commission a study on the possiblity of tsunamis on Singapore.

He had warned that the people of Singapore should be advised that there are risks of tsunami and should always be prepared for it. A tsunami can hit Singapore's coastal, especially the Changi Airport and the man made Jurong Island. Although tsunamis as high as 10 metres are usually destructive such as the one that hit and killed 168,000 people in Aceh in December 2004, may not strike in Singapore, a low wave that hits Singapore is enough to destruct the many infrastructure on the Singapore coast.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Someone Special

There are many networking sites on the internet. From countries, age groups, hobbies and now there is also a new chatroom for Jewish Singles. A place for them to get to know other Jewish friends, exchange Jewish music, learn about their own tradition in more detail or just chat for fun. You might even meet your special someone here.

Singapore's New Channel, Okto

Singapore is getting a new free to air tv channel, Okto. This TV Channel is owned by MediaCorp and MediaCorp TV12 will be managing it. This channel is targeted at audiences of young children and young adults. The current Central will soon become it's own dedicated channel. Transmission will be from 9am to midnight, daily.

On 19 October 2008, trasmission will be begin. However from 19 September viewers can start tuning in. It is available on Starhub's Cable TV as well as SingTel's Mio as well.

Okto is generally similar with the current Central and Kids' Central with the exeption of Vasantham Central. All Kids shows like preschool, children programs and Arts movies, documentaries, anime, performances will be shown on this new channel, from the migration of Central.

All residents residing in Singapore can start to tune their tv for Okto now. Tuning information can be found at

Baby Slings

Decades ago, many women folks in villages used a sarung-type of cloth to carry their babies everywhere they go. At that time, prams and baby carriers were either not practical or even unheard off. Their babies are cradled in this cloths and seen in farms, vegetable orchards or when doing housework. These cloths that are tied in a knot to fit and hold the baby in a cradle like manner have made a comeback as a modern baby carrier. Thare are commonly known as Baby Sling. The advantage of a Baby Sling is very obvious. It keeps the baby close the the mother or caregiver and is held close to the heart. The warmth and security of the mother is very assuring to a baby in it's infancy. With this sling, you don't have to worry about folding up bulky carriers like prams, when you have some shopping bags as well.

Baby Slings now come in many beautifully designed patterns and trendy as well. Check out the range that is provided on an online store - Attached To Baby. They come in many types of materials such as Organic Lightly Padded, Linen, Silk, Cotton mesh or even those that comes in pockets.

Singapore's Paralympic Medallists Comes Home

It was a happy occasion for Singapore's two paralympic medallists. They have been awarded state medals. Yip Pin Xiu, won a gold and silver at the Beijing games and Laurentia Tan for her 2 bronze medals. Yip Pin Xiu will received state medals - Meritorious Service Medal while Laurentia Tan receives the Public Service Medal. A rousing welcome was given to them as they returned home on Thursday night. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, officials, families and friends welcomed them at the airport.

For their achievment, Pin Xiu will receive a$100,000 for Gold and Laurentia Tan receives $25,000 for one of her two bronze medals. This is given out as part of the scheme reward only for athlete's highest achievement - Athletics Achievement Award.

Congratulations, Yip Pin Xiu and Laurentia Tan!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Christian Friends

Singapore is a place where many races, cultures live alongside each other in peace and harmoney. They give each other respect to practise their own faiths and religions. Christians who make friends with many individuals may enjoy chatting in a Christian Dating chatroom to find their own partners or someone who shares their interest in many things, and especially Christianity and their lifestyle.

Singapore Banned China Dairy Products

Singapore had finally banned milk products from China since the report of melamine being found in some of the brands of milk powder. The tainted milk powder had caused deaths and illness in many babies. Thus, all milk products such as milk or dairy based products like the ice cream and beverage are being taken off the shelves as a precautionary measure, with immediate effect.

The record of children who have become ill from consuming these milk products are at 6,244 and as many as 158 of these children are suffering from acute kidney failure. So far there has been four deaths.

Melamin is a chemical that is used for making plastics. Children's cups, bowls and plates are made from melamine too.

Senior Chats Online

The world is moving towards many single men and women who prefer to date later in life. They have already built up their career path during their youth and middle age and have some savings for own retirement. Some women insists that life begins at 40. They usually enjoy companies of their good friends and have friendly chats with Senior Men and Women online without any commitment.

Facilities for Foreign Workers

Foreign worker numbers in Singapore are going up. It had doubled to 102,000 last year from the figure of 55,000 a year ago. And at the end of last year, excluding maids, the figures were 577,000 of which, 180,000 are doing construction work. Thus is the reason for lack of foreign worker housing.

The government is looking at possibilities to add more housing for these foreign workers. Some sites have been identified for temporary accomodation which can last for two to five years. But with two upcoming integrated resorts, more foreign workers are expected to arrive. There may not be enough to meet the demand.

There had been some negative reactions about building dormitories near to Singapore residential locations recently. Some were against the idea and some worry about safety issues and the unsightly gathering in public places and noise.

However, a new recreation complex is now in the works for foreign workers who are living in Jurong West and will be completed by the end of the year. It will house a football field, amphitheatre, sports courts, postal and remittance facilities, beer garden, medical station, canteen and supermarket.

This is done to show appreciation for their contributions towards the Singapore economy.

The Sting of Fire Ants

The thought of seeing fire ants just makes my skin crawl. In the UK and Australia, they are also called the red ants. These insects feed on small plants, seeds and they usually make their nest in soil near moist spots like near ponds, river or even in parks. The fire ants bite is generally not toxic but the sting can swell into a small bump. However, there may be some who are allergic to the venom. There some external medicines and oral medicines for treating these fire ants bites. Find out what kind of treatment helps to ease the stinging pain and bites in a fire ant guide online.

Singapore Airlines Getting Its 6th A380, Hurrah!

Double decker Airbus 380 is a superjumbo aircraft, or rather, the world's largest passenger aircraft. Singapore Airlines is the first commercial airline to fly Airbus 380. Comfortable, spacious and quiet, can seat 471 passengers in three classes. 12 of these seats are luxury Singapore Airlines Suites, 60 will be in business class and 399 in economy class. The inaugural flight was to Sydney on Oct 25. The regular commercial service with be once a day on the Singapore - Sydney route. More flights have been planned for other global cities since then.

Up to date on 18 September, Singapore has since received its sixth A380 superjumbo airplane. The latest A380 will take on the second flight daily from Singapore and London. The target by Airbus is to stick to its target of delivery 12 A380 Superjumbo by the end of this year.

Modern Furniture

A recent visit to a friend's home office prompted me to start my own search for home furniture. She had her home designed and dressed in clean lines of modern furniture. The colours blended so well and it is a very conducive place to work and live in.

A comfortable home is fundamental to us. Even if we don't work from home, we want to come home to unwind, relax and release the tension. Good pieces of furniture are important. Modern furnitures create such a pleasant feeling with its simple lines and colours that suit every individual's taste and fancy.

Concept Furniture offers great looking pieces in modern designs. They have a wide range of beautiful pieces from the finest manufacturers in Europe, such as Belgium, Italy and more. I love the variety of styles and designs of the modern looking furniture for bedrooms. The platform bed's minimalistic designs will give the room a spacious outlook. It is great for homes that have small rooms. The last thing you want is to invoke claustrophobic feeling. Concept Furniture offers excellent prices for their furniture. Although they are an online store, they do provide a call number for service and support for any enquiries you may have. Their team of highly trained professionals are skilled in the assembly and installation prior to delivery.

Foldable Bikes Allowed On Buses on Certain Hours

Singaporeans wanted to bring their bicycles to work. Some of them has foldable bicycles that are compact and can be carried along on buses. However there is a regulation that these bicycles are not allowed on buses except on weekend and public holidays. Bicycles are great form of exercise and especially when they can use it to cycle back home by alighting at stops before their home destination.

Well, the new regulation will be eased from the 22nd of September onwards, on a Monday. Singaporeans are allowed to carry their foldable bikes into the buses during weekdays from 9.30am to 4.30pm and from 7.30pm to end of the services. The peak hours are omited because during this time the buses are crowded and it may be dangerous for these bikes when cramped with the bus passengers.

Hopefully when these regulation takes effect, those who have the bikes with them practise courtesy and understanding and not block the path of the passengers and the aisle way. It needs lots of giving ways from both sides in this situation.

Judge A Website

Do you have any favourite websites or any that is not so favourable? If you do, why not share it with the readers at a User Website Reviews site. This is the place where you can let out your steam or rant if you have a bad experience and gives the thumbs down. There is also a list of featured Top Websites that are reviewed by users. Find out how they made it to the top. What do they have that other websites don't. Read and judge for yourself. Users are free to comment. Go for the hightly recommended sites that also include traffic statistics, page ranks and more.

AIG Saved By the Federal Government

It was a heave of relief to hear that AIG had been rescued by the U.S. Goverment in a $85 billion injection of the taxpayer's money. With this deal, the government is the major shareholder of AIG with 79.9 percent stake. This means the government has the right to remove the current AIG's chief executive, Robert Willumstad. The money will be paid in full with proceeds from the sales of some assets owned.

AIG was on the brink of collapse before this two year emergency loan by the Federal Reserve. If it had not been done in briskly, many AIG policy holders may end up losing their hard earned policies and many jobs may be lost as well. What a day unsettlement it had been to many holding policies with the AIG and AIA policies in Singapore.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old People That Lives Alone

There had been cases when the old member in a family takes a short walk at the park and does not make their way home. This has happened in those who are inflicted with Alzheimers disease. When this happens, it is difficult to locate him or her and these old folks are susceptible to risks like being run over by speeding cars, fall over things or into large canals due to their failing eyesights or run the risk of robbery as they are weak and unable to defend for themselves.

Cases like these also happens also because some old folks prefer to live by themselves and not want to impose on their chidren who may have gotten married and have their own family. What can we do about keeping old people in close contact if we are unable to watch them all the time? Investing in a Medical Alarm device is an excellent solution. There are two device that can be worn by the elderly. One is a band that is worn like a bracelet. This excellent device has features similar to a GPS system and once the person walks out of the safety area allocated, it will trigger an alert to the Emergency Call Centre or your loved ones. It also works as a built in speakerphone so that the lost person can be kept in constant contact. A GPS monitoring signal helps to locate the lost person to the exact location.

Medical Alarm also works in another excellent device that works at home by sensoring motion and detects movement like a fall, no activity alert and intruder alert. When the sensor detects a fall, it will send help to the location and through a speaker phone, tries to make contact to the elderly to see if there is any response. It will also automatically send for the police if the intruder alert is being sensored, like a break in or a door is forced opened. This device can also be set to work like a reminder alarm for appointments or time for medication for your loved ones. Trust in the excellence of Medical Alarm devices that will put your mind at ease. Safety comes first.

COE Quota Reduced for the next 6 months

Cars are high in demand in a small country like Singapore. Despite the high price one needs to pay such as the purchase of the Certificate of Entitlement before the car, demands remain to soar. With this demand, it has pushed the price of COE higher in the recent bidding.

However, in the next 6 months, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore will be reducing the monthly quotas for COEs. A large change is apparent in the Categories C -30% (goods vehicles and buses) and Es -13.9% (open category).

A full report of the categories, the reduction of quota are as follows:
Category A (cars 1,600cc & below and taxis) -9.6%
Category B (cars above 1,600cc) No change
Category C (goods vehicles & buses) -30%
Category D (motorcycles) -8/1%
Category E (open category) -13.9%

With these reduction of quota release each month, will there be more competition for car buyers to sell their cars. Will that bring the prices of COE higher? Or will the demand for cars be reduced, causing prices for new vehicles in certain categories to fall?

But, if there are lesser cars on the road, wouldn't that be better for all?

Review and Compare Laptops

Nowadays, many people prefer to choose a laptop over the bulky desktop for a personal computer. A laptop allows the user to bring it along his travels and or as a work companion to meet clients. With a laptop one does not have to worry about getting a proper desk placed on a fixed location and this free up space in the house and office. Recently, many laptops are designed smaller in size and simple to use. Such example is the asus eee pc, which is also known as an UMPC, or ultra mobile PC. It is highly mobile and has a 7 inch screen.

There are many brands available in the market. Each brand have a different range in terms of usage and price. A student may need a basic laptop for his or her school work whilst an executive may need something of a higher capabilities for his projects that may require presentations and multimedia purpose.

Choosing a laptop is easy if you go to Savebuckets, a website that does reviews on many brands of laptops for example Sony, Samsung, HP or Toshiba laptops. A search in the website results in a list of the brand or model you are looking for and you can take your pick to find the best prices that suit you. If you are still unsure over what to look for in a laptop, perhaps reading up on their article in their buying guide may help you decision making. Follow the guidelines into what to look out for and you should be on the way to pick one that suits your need.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crowd At AIA Building In Singapore

It has been a mad scramble as Singaporeans of all races rushed to the AIG Singapore to try to redeem their policies yesterday. It was in response to the fear of the US Insurance Giant being the next to tumble. This news follows the latest of Lehman Brothers that filed for bankruptcy protection just a day earlier.

With so much uncertainty, many policy holders are worried about their policy situation. Some of them prefer to surrender and redeem the cash despite some loss. The Monetary Authority of Singapore had advised the policyholders not to act hastily to terminate their policies.

During lunch hours, a crowd could be seen at AIA's office, located at the CBD area in Singapore. Some of them could be seen been asked to move up by security guards.

Who Are Your Neighbours

You never know who your neighbours are. If you live in California, there is no guarantee that every neighbourhood is safe from crime. If you have children, you certainly would want your kids away from offenders. Find out if there are any California Sex Offenders living near you. That should give you an idea what the neighbourhood risks are.

Mustafa is a Shopping Paradise

Singapore has a good mix of shopping in every town. Besides the shopping belt located in Orchard that is a hot favourite by tourists and locals, another hot favourite is located in Serangoon Road. This is none other than Mustafa, a shopping centre in Little India. What is unique in this shopping centre is that they are open 24 hours and provides everything you can think off, from the local clothings, lots of herbs (really cheap and abundant), financial services, electricals to big ticket items like cars! This place is frequented by many foreigners from India as well because the price it offered here is really reasonable. This place is a true shopping experience in Little India. Some travel to Singapore just to look for textiles, buy herbs for their family and friends.

Mustafa is also available online, much to the amazement of shoppers. Check out their website at or visit their enormous shopping centre. A humble shop that started in 1973 at a size of only 900 sq ft, it has now grown to the size of 75,000 sq ft with a total shopping space of 150,000 sq ft with hotel, travel and financial services included. It's a world by itself.

Make Friends With Latinos

A Latino may come from Mexico, Puerto Rico or Cuba. They all speak a common language of Spanish and this language is widely used in many parts of the world too. You can find Spanish speakers in as far as Philippines and the Mediterranean. It is not difficult to find a Latina Match if you really appreciate their lifestyle and culture. Pick up some useful Latin words and expression and history.

Buy From An Authorized Car Agent

A car is used for transportation for many of us. Before we purchase any car, we should look at it based on our usage, needs and ease of use. When a car is new, we sometimes need to go back to the car agent to find out how things work. Manuals in the car can prove to be a little confusing. After driving the car for months, we may have queries about changing parts, upgrading or just add some new device like fixing an iPod, a GPS system or even a little DVD player for the kids to watch on a long journey.

Does your car agent give you good after sales service after the purchase of a car? Some wash their hands off when a car is bought. Getting a car from an authorized dealer is important. The major car dealers in Singapore gives good service but the smaller ones leave a lot to be desired. I had a bad experience with the car agent. Our car was imported through them but due to their lack of experience with the models, they really couldn't do much. Furthermore, the car manual was in Japanese. My advise would be to really go for an authorized agent that has proper customer services and technicians to look into any enquiry.

Marriage Records Online

I know how some couples who got married and wants to get a divorce, finds themselves in a spot when it comes to claiming for child's custody, dependancy exemption claims because one partner was married before and no formal divorce had been done. That means the marriage could be rendered illegitimate. To avoid these, perhaps checking up on your partner's Marriage Records, if there is, any will soften any impact that might come in a surprise later on.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unlucky to Buy Homes during Seventh Month

Singapore still holds it's traditions and taboo when it comes to culture although it is a modern society. That is because of the prominent drop in housing sales in the Seventh Lunar Month that celebrates Hungry Ghost Festival recently. This period is deemed as unlucky to buy a house, start a business, get married and travelling too. Growth for private homes had slowed down since March but the slump was down to as much as 81 percent in the month of August. Developers also put up fewer new projects during this August month.

Perhaps now that the Hungry Ghost month is over, the market for property will remain steady and show a rise in market conditions.

Exotic Beauty

There are many different cultures in Singapore. We can see people from all races and different backgrounds and mingling with them gives you a sense of racial harmony that unites all different people together. It does not matter what the colour of your skin is because we learn from each other. I know of many Asian friends who found great partners and wonderful friends even though it is categorized as Black Dating chat rooms. I know some friends of mind love to meet them and find them to be of a unique exotic beauty and has hearts of gold.

Singapore's Local Favourites

What are the Local Favourites that locals and tourists are talking about? Well, Singapore is a food heaven with many tastes and food influenced by different cultures. Here are the top ten favourites, in random order.

Chilly Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Satay, Laksa, Bak Kut Teh, Fish Head Curry, Char Koay Teow, Fried Carrot Cake, Rojak and Roti Prata.

These foods are sold in many places, from the upmarket restaurants to the local stalls in food centers and hawker centers. So don't forget to try these favourites when you are in Singapore.

Some of the popular places to eat are Newton Food Centre (popular for it's local favourites like Satay, Chilly Crab - Newton Food Centre is located near to Orchard, at Newton circus), UDMC Seafood Centre (popular for it's variety of Seafood and many food outlets, this place is located in the east side - East Coast), Jalan Kayu (Roti Prata and Indian Curry Fish Head), Niqqi's The Cheese Prata (Clementi Road, near to National University of Singapore), Fong Seng Nasi Lemak (next to Niqqi's Cheese Prata also at Clementi Road), Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice (Upper Bukit Timah Road opposite Beauty World), Kim's Cuisine (Various stirfry food at Beach Road) and more. In fact the best way is to eat as you go along. Most Singaporean foods are delicious and there are food outlets every corner you turn!

More Than A Hair Salon

Most women loves to be pampered with various beauty services. Before an event, it is common to see them taking off from one place to another like getting a massage, having facials, their hair done, run to a salon for some nail treatment and pedicures. However it does take up some precious time and it can be exhausting running about and getting caught in traffic jams and trying to coordinate appointments too.

Getting a hair done in a salon can take up to half a day or even more. It can be tiring just waiting for a friend who is doing her hair. However, there is a total experience, a different concept that is taking place in a hair salon chalont that is located in Pennsylvania. This salon embraces a total body concept for the lucky customers. Going to Tony D's Hairstyling salon for that much needed hair salon chalont color means you can also pamper yourself with facials, massages, manicures or pedicures, without running in and out from salons, beauty parlors for such various services. Even if you are not going to get a hair done, you can accompany your friend to the salon and just have a massage or manicure while waiting for her. Tony D's Hairstyling also provides several quality products for your beauty needs for your hair. Forget about running about before your important event. In fact, spend a leisure day that the full service salon chalfont offers to it's deserving customers.

Tony D's Hairstyling team are well trained professionals made up of hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians and massage therapists.

Alcohol Sales Get Boosting in Singapore

A major boom is going to be expected when the Formula 1 starts in the third week of September. That is because there will be an increased of at least 40,000 foreign visitors for this event alone. Hotels located at the fringe or near the Formula 1 night race might see their alcohol business up by at least 50 per cent. This is the best time also for those in the liquor business to boost the brand awareness. Hotels like Pan Pacific also concoct special cocktail with names related to cars, race and Formula 1 themes to increase sales of their alcohol.

Singapore will need to pay more attention to their hospitality as more tourists and participants arrive in Singapore.

For the first time in Asia also, a special champagne will be auctioned in Singapore. This champagne is a 3-litre bottle of Mumm champagne and has autographs of top races - Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, the top 3 winners of Belgian Grand Prix last year. Proceeds of this auction will go towards underpriviledged women in the region.

Chatting Online

Singapore is melting pot where it is made up of different cultures, languages and religions. As the people work hard for career and ambition, many of them find themselves unable to find partners and figures for single Singaporeans are now much higher compared with 2 decades ago. Lately they have also decided to look into nearby and neighbouring cities for partners through dating agencies. However, take comfort that with internet, one can meet many single Asian Girls online without having to travel over. Making new friends chatting and exchange information about each other online is simple and fun.

Singapore Gets 2 More Medals for Paralympics

More Hurrahs for Singaporean Paralympic contestent. Singapore Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu had won the first gold medal finally in the 50-metre Backstroke finals. On Saturday, she had also won a Silver medal for the 50-metre Freestyle for women in Beijing. With this two medals under her belt, she also managed to break her own world record and the Paralympic record of 57.92 seconds, beating Fran Williamson of Britain.

She also broke her own record for the Freestyle in the heats when she made it at 57.04 seconds, which then won her a silver in the finals with 57.43 seconds. She expressed her first joy when she won her silver in the earlier Freestyle event and a gold for the Backstroke finals. The silver medal was presented to her coach Ang Peng Siong for her show of gratitude.

She was presented with flowers for the event by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister of Singapore.

Prior to this, Singapore has two bronze medals from Laurentia Tan in the equestrian events. Altogether, Singapore has won 4 medals. You Go Singapore!

Irritating Bed Bug Bites

I remembered when I was staying in the university hostel years back. Some of the beds were infested with bedbugs. Some of the students complained about the annoying itch waking up from bed bug bites. No one knew how to keep bed bugs away. Some tried to use Calamine lotion but it only help to soothe the skin and not really get rid on the bed bugs. They had to call an exterminator from a pest company. In fact, there are ways how to prevent or get rid of beg bugs through a bed bug guide online. Save yourself from expensive fees.

NTUC Pasir Ris Resort, East of Singapore

Parents with kids might like to make their way to NTUC Pasir Ris Resort for some great time. The place is filled with activities and chalets with BBQ facilities for family and corporates. Rent a chalet or spend the day at the water theme park, Wild Wild Wet or the outdoor theme park, Escape Theme Park for rides. Alternative, it is also link to a shopping mall, with lots of food outlets, kid's indoor playarea, an indoor ferris wheel or just have fun at the resorts, indoor atrium. The adjoining mall is Ehub, with an NTUC Fairprice as one of the key tenants, the Kids Xplorer that even has a small skating ring and those massage chairs for parents waiting for kids.

This is a great place for parents with kids, teens with friends and all family resort. Highly recommended. Lots of food outlets, food court, activities.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where To Find A Job In UK

My sister in law's son had graduated with a master's degree in Business Administration about 5 years ago. Upon graduating, he accepted a job in the busy corporate world with a bank in Hong Kong. When I last spoke with him, he told me about the stress he faces and how he prefers the lifestyle in Manchester, the place where he was studying. He wants to look for Jobs In Manchester. He thinks that the stressful situation in a busy Hong Kong lifestyle is making him age faster. My advise to him was to try to hunt for his dream job through a recruitment agency if he is really keen to get back to Manchester. His interest lies very much in People, Travel amd Tourism and if he could he would like to look for Jobs in Hospitality in a tourism industry. There are many global companies that provide job opportunities on their websites but if you search for jobs through recruitment agencies like Search, there is a list of jobs consolidated and available for your convenience. Search is UK's leading recruitment company with as many as 13 offices and over 500 specialist consultants, offering thousands of opportunities all across UK.

Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway Run/Walk 14 Sept 08

As many as 15,000 people participate in a run or walk on Sunday morning at the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway that is yet to be opened to traffic. It was to mark the completion of this underground expressway in Singapore. The race was at 10km distance and walk was set at 5km. Near the finishing line a commercial photographer engaged by Land Transport Authority had collapsed and almost didn't make it out alive. He was given emergency treatment from the automated external defibrillator (portable electronic device for treatment for sudden heart attacks) as his heartbeat could not be detected. He is now in Changi General Hospital, and is in critical condition. Let's all keep vigil and wish for him to be out of danger as soon as possible.

The tunnel ventilation system had been working consistently throughout the event.

Spread The Blog Love

I received this award from Geng. Thanks so much for it. Actually I had received it before and am at no. 44 in the list. But since she sent it to me, I am honoured to receive it once again, just that I think I didn't need to send my url to Jenny L once again to add into the masterlist.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Increased Train Rides for Formula 1 Night Race

When the Formula 1 night race starts on September 26, everyone is expecting massive human traffic especially when offices are closed. That will mean commuters who are travelling home from work during those days may have to wail longer or be stuck as tourists and those who are going to watch the Formula 1 night races will be hoarding trains during those times. However, SMRT had already anticipated these and planning to increase a total of 36 train trips to cut down on travelling time for commuters.

Waiting time are shorter, by up to 1.5 minutes. That is very efficient for a public transportation system. That means you will have a train ride home and not have to worry about crowding. After the races, SMRT will also be adding trains and extending the operating hours for trains until 1.30am. SMRT also intends to increase train trips in the mornings and evenings starting from next month.

Commuters couldn't have had it better.

Mingle with Latina Culture

Latin music, dance and spanish has always been an interesting. These culture usually oozes lots of passion, exoticness and not to mention, the dance moves are always very interesing too. I know many of my friends tried to take Spanish as part of their electives for language during schooldays and a handful of them picked up the language more when they converse among freely. The Latina Chat Rooms were created online for many who are Latina men and women to make friends and mingle with each other for good fun. It is a good exposure for those who would like to know more about the culture and perhaps pick up fluent Spanish from them.

Vandalism Duo Caught

Vandalism is an offense in Singapore. Those who are caught and convicted may face jail of up to three years, or fined up to $2,000 and also be caned of not more than eight strokes.

Recently, a couple of youths from China had been arrested for their act of series of vandalism cases. Both, aged 18 and 19 had been involved in over 10 vandalism acts from the use of spray paints, stencils, stickers, graffiti on public properties like electrical boxes, bus stops, building walls at various locations.

These identities were established as they were caught from the CCTV footage. These two suspects were finally caught on September 10 at Selegie Road. The items used for these graffiti doings were also seized from their homes.

Community of different races

Singaporeans live together in a community of different races, religion and language. For decades, peace and harmony among the citizens have been established. In their national day events, it is not rare to find the different races come together as one united nation and perform, sing and dance together. An Interracial Chat is a good idea to promote positive feelings among the different races of the world. The world is full of strangers who can become good friends. I know of many of my friends who join such chatrooms and made great buddies.

New York New York Restaurant Singapore

Diners who is looking for a no-pork no-lard might like to try out this restaurant that sells American fare. The only thing that they do not serve is Pork items. I am sure it suits those who do not take pork items. But I am not sure it this is confirmed because I only saw the sign at Lot 1 shopping mall when it was still new. The website doesn't say it. I also found this restaurant at the Ehub shopping mall. It was quite packed on the Sunday that we were there. I have not tried the food but I may love to do so one day soon.

There are already 5 outlets of this restaurant in Singapore. Seems to be doing well but I did read some bad reviews about the one in Kovan branch. The other units are Ehub Pasir Ris, AMK Hub, Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 ( it was here that I saw it says No Pork No Lard), Raffles Link and The Centre Point (Orchard).

They give out free candy floss if you fancy it. Their website is cool, by the way.

Do Vampires Exist?

In the movies, vampire comes across as a mysterious character who sucks blood, magical and bewitching, even. But do they really exist? Do they really drink the blood of humans as in the myths and folklore and literature as represented? Why do shows only represent these mystical 'creatures' in Pennsylvania and not in China, Japan or even in Hawaii. If there are real Vampires living in the millenium age, the Vampire Chat Rooms would be the best place to get answers to your queries. Learn about the culture of what makes a vampire.

Mooncake Prices Gone Up

If you find that you usual box of mooncakes is expensive compared to last year's, it is because of the global price increase of many ingredients. For instance, oil, flour, lotus and fuel had been raised. Many shops selling mooncakes reported that despite the increase of about 5-10% more, they are still doing brisk business. Lots of other things that are pulling the consumers to buy are now the packaging for mooncakes. Nowadays mooncakes come in very fancy packagings and also supplementary items like plates, miniature little forks and knife that makes it attractive as a gift item. Some have even created unique tiffin carriers, drawer cabinets and tresure box style.

Mooncakes now also come in flavours like coffee, green tea, yam and potato paste, chocolate besides the usual lotus paste or red bean filling.

Learn About Religions Too

There are many types of chatroom on the internet nowadays. Chatrooms are created to bring together those with the same interests or hobbies and also with races, religions and nationalities. It is also a great place to be when you have questions about things you are unsure. I know that Christian Chat rooms are very educational for those who may have some questions about christianity and the meaning of life for them. You can make some very good friends too.

Kids' Activity in Singapore

Tourist parents who have really no idea what they can do in the weekend, can actually browze this website,

This websites is a guide for parents to find ideas on what to do and where to go with their kids. One can go to the zoo, bird park, snow city, science centre, museams, among the list. There is a map of Singapore for access and lots of information about what is offered in terms of art, crafts and indoor activities.

Look at the list of activities that also include bowling, camping, cycling, fishing for night time activities. Check out the activities that require no entry fee, like some museaums, concerts, fishing, hiking, farm visits.

Read about what is synonymous with Singapore, like Food Courts, Great Singapore Sale, Mustafa's 24 hour shopping, and Singapore's favourite local food.

Great finds in this website.

Singapore For Kids

Find Your Match Online

The young population is mostly single. Many of them are getting married later in life. Some of them have even preferred to stay single for the rest of their lives. Is this a new trend? Agents providing matchmaking are now going trying to get singles to pair up and build relationships, hopefully to lead them into marriage. Some prefer to stay friends. Many Singaporeans work till late in the evening, leaving not much time to meet friends. They even like to shop online instead of going to the shops. Perhaps going to Online Chat Room could be another alternative for them to make new friends. I know of several happily married couples who met their spouses while chatting online.

Teach Less, Learn More for Singaporean Kids

What do parents do with their kids in the weekends? For most Singaporeans, many of their kids take some form of enrichment class, a tuition as they have limited time during the weekdays. Kids are burdened with activities and class, some from school and some because of their weakness of a certain subject or some parents may also enroll their kids in some classes for improvement of studies. Do these kids feel stressed?

I believe some do. Some are practically having back to back classes and with some compulsary remedial and supplementary lessons from school, there is hardly time for kids to be kids. Do they have a choice? I believe it is all up to the society. The society, as a whole creates the demand for it and when parents worry about their kids falling back on their lessons they ended up getting caught in the paper chase too.

Singapore's education system stresses on Teach Less, Learn More. But does it work. Will that actually put the parents of the kids to send their kids for more supplementary class instead because the teacher's workload to teach more is lessen? Does it work? If the marks shown improvement that is alright but what about some teachers who cannot grasp this teaching method and the child ends up having a bad grade? That means the parents start to worry and sends the child to more lessons out of school and the child is the victim of stress trying to juggle school, activities and tuitions.

Meeting Other Asians in a Chat Room

Singaporeans love to make friends. Being in Asia, they meet many Asian travellers when they travel out, or those who travel to Singapore. However, they can now enjoy a new service that allows them to make new friends in their neighbouring countries without leaving the country. It is through Asian Chat. They can be ambassadors of their countries in this chat room. This place is free and requires no entrance fee nor any download. Exchange and share your views with other Asian people here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Singapore's One World International School Open for Enrollment

A new international school has finally opened in Singapore. Called One World International School, it will ease the crunch for the waiting lists at other international schools that has queues and long wait list. This is the 44th foreign school that is opened in Singapore. It accepts pupils from the age of 3 to 11, so parents who have children under these age no longer have to run from the nursery or kindergarten to international elementary schools to pick up their children. The campus, located at 696 Upper Changi Road East has places for up to 450 places.

About $2 million had been spent on the retrofitting of the campus. Demand for international school in Singapore is high as this is a place where foreigners and expats find it attractive to work, live and study.

Ergonomic, Elegant and Modern

I was at the IT exhibition recently. I wanted to source for some bargains for a laptop and a printer for office use. When I returned back to the office, I couldn't decide how to relayout the Computer Furniture so that I can have some space available for the guests' sofa. The current furniture is very bulky and takes up a lot of space. I decided to change to something that not only looks modern but one that is comfortable for the staffs as well as create a modern looking office.

Computer Office Furniture are mostly overlooked. It is not about putting a desk and a chair to make up a desk set. An ergonomic chair is important as it helps to take off the stress from sitting down at long hours. Height adjustment is also something we should be looking into. A person who has a slightly longer torso may find it more comfortable to lower down the heigh of his chair so that he doesn't have to hunch over the keyboard. The level of the table must be set at the right height as well.

I managed to find an online site that specializes in modern contemporary furniture. They have many tyes of furniture ranging from home to commercial ones. I found some great looking Computer Desk Furniture here. The designs are clean and modern. My pick was a beautiful executive desk that comes in tempered bright clear glass that looks really graceful and elegant. Glass desks are useful when the rooms are small in size. It gives the impression of space. Check this site, SPACIFY out for other furnitures for home as well. You won't be disappointed.

iPhone from SingTel needs no reservation now

It's been 3 weeks since the launch of the iPhone 3G in Singapore. Before it's release, many people had wanted to get one. With the high demand and exclusive rights from SingTel to sell it's phone, many who wanted it had to reserve the orders in advance.

During this time, there has been other phones with similar or better functions that needed no reservations. Thus customers who found themselves having to place orders end up opting for other phones instead.

iPhone 3G, launched in Aug 22 recently is the much waited for device that lets users talk, surf the net, play music and watch videos. In the last 3 weeks since it's launched, the prices have gone down. It started with $1,600 and is now retailed at $1,200 for the high end 16GB iPhones. Sales also have been slowed down. Last week, SingTel finally made the decision to cancel the policy of reservations from customers and allowed purchase on the spot.

I am hoping for the prices to go down further. I read that it has no camera function either.

Married or Divorced?

Nowadays, marriage do not last as long. It used to be something that was cherished and sacred decades ago. We see many couples going through divorce every year and the figure goes up each year. Infidelity is just one of the reasons. Some couples who court for years, get married in few years then end up in divorce when they discover that living with one another doesn't work as well as courtship life. A marriage may illegitimate if one party who have been a married had not complete his or her previous divorce proceedings. You can actually find out if your partner is a divorcee or still legally married from Divorce Court Records, an online public service.

Laurentia Tans Wins Her Second Medal

Singapore celebrated victory with a second medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games yesterday. It was none other than Laurentia Tan, who won her second bronze medal in an Equestrian event. Prior to previous Paralympic Games, Singaproe had never won any medals. She made history for Singapore as the nations first and only paralympic medalist. Born with cerebral palsy, she had gone against all odds to become a successful star athlete with a career, drives a car and she is an Oxford Brooks University graduate.

We are so proud of her. Go Laurentia Go!

Online People Locater

Families who fall out sometimes have to look for one another because of a court ruling that may require one or either party to sign some documents. It could be something that is related to the family property ownership. Without the presence of all owners, some contracts to sell of a property may prove to be difficult. It is not difficult to look for the person who had been out of contact as long as you have his particulars like names and age. Look for him through the People Locator Services, the largest public records search database.

Light Up A Cigarette Only If It Bears 'SDPC'

From next month, the world will see a small country like Singapore marking it's every stick of cigarette bought in Singapore. A first in the world, it is to distinguish itself from it's contraband counterpart. All cigarettes bought in Singapore must have it's duty paid. Each stick will mark a SDPC that stands for Singapore Duty Paid Cigarettes, near to the filter end. This is to prevent smugglers who evade tax of $7.04 for each packet of cigarettes and selling it to smokers in Singapore. Since last October, a fine of $500 fine is charged to smokers if they are caught with a pack of these cigarettes. To avoid these fines, some smokers stuff them into legitimate cigarette packs and pass if off as duty paid cigarettes. In the mid of July this year, as many as 284 contraband buyers were nabbed just in two weeks for having possesion of contraband cigarettes.

With the regulation in force by next month, smokers will find themselves hard to get contraband cigarettes as they do not have these marks of duty paid. Tobacco companies had been unhappy at poor business since smokers prefer to buy contraband cigarettes. In Singapore the expensive high duty of $7.04 per pack of cigarettes has spiralled costs of a pack of to almost $12, compared with $5.80 just a decade ago.

Some smokers may find themselves having to cut down on smoking, which of course will be a good habit towards a healthy lifestyle. Some have voiced out about how uncomfortable he would be by having plain clothes nabbers staring at his stick of cigarettes just to check if it bears the SDPC.

Bikers' Chatrooms

Going on bike expeditions is fun. It is a hobby that is fun and safe. Some bikers team up and go in groups and make more acquaintances from their friends. Why not join Biker Chat Rooms that are made up of those who have a passion for riding bikes and go for adventure rides from the different states. It is a hobby that makes you more friends. Register and get to know more bikers and share lots of tips and riding experience with one another. You can also try out the video cam that requires no softward download.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chicken Rice That Costs $94 A Plate

Some Singaporeans think it is silly to eat a plate of Fried Rice at $25 when they can buy them below $5. However Russian diners in a food fair in Moscow are paying for as much as $53 for a bowl of laksa or $94 to tuck into that plate of Chicken Rice!

That was what was in the report of Straits Times, dated 11 September recently. This was in a food fair that was held in the capital city of Moscow. Some of the other Singaporean popular dishes were Chilly Crab, Satay, Beef Rendang, just to name a few. International Enterprise had organised a Singapore Culinary Festival recently in June 30 to July 14.

It flew executive chefs to Russia and teach the Russia chefs how to prepare the Singapore delicacies. And it proved to be such a hit that these dishes will be set as permanent dishes in the Russian menu. Many diners in Russian took to these dishes well. These dishes were cooked with pre-mixes and paste that was flown in for the Singaporean dishes.

How wonderful for Singapore, a small red dot with food that is set to go international!

Vacation Plans

My sister had showed me some photographs on her last two vacation to Switzerland recently. It has been one of the most talk about ski holiday in her family for years. She had bought some ski gears and clothing prior to it and she is encouraging me to make the trip with her family next year. She gave me some tips about what to bring and what are the best options for accommodations. As she had spent her recent holiday renting an apartment, the next holiday trip we are deciding to try out the ski chalets in the 4 Valleys.

My initial reaction for a chalet was that they are small for 2 or 3 people. As I am bringing along my husband and kids, I was worried that it would be too cramped for two families. I had been looking at the Portes du Soleil apartments for skiers. An apartment will allow us enjoy home cooked food especially when I have children who are allergic to some foods. However, to my surprise she showed me the spacious Switzerland ski chalets has as many as 4 or 5 bedrooms, perfect for all of us.

I had wanted to try out skiing and breathe the cool and pure Alpine air. Looking through some tourism sites, I discovered that besides the traditional ski, there are cross-country skiing, snowboarding, bob sleighing, snow shoe hikes as well. Ski Resorts open from the mid of November up to April so the end of the year school holidays would be perfect as the children will be having their end of the year holidays.

More Bedspaces for Foreign Workers in Singapore

Singapore is facing shortage of public housing for foreign workers. In 2006, there are 756,000 foreign workers in Singapore, a small nation of only about 4.6 million people. Most of them live in commrcially run dormitories and industrial/warehouse developments.

In the recent news, this morning, the government is preparing to release about 65,000 bed spaces by 2010. That will be in 11 new dormitory sites. Foreign worker townships concept is something new in Singapore. In Singapore's western part, there is a self contained dormitory that houses about 6,000 foreign worker.

Housing is about the size of Singapore's 2 room HDB flat. It has a bedroom, living kitchen and toilet. These housing is paid by the employers and is charged about S$180 per person. Workers in dormitories in Singapore are given biometric passes for moving in and out of quarters.

Multiple Marriages

Marriage is the final step for couples who have been in courtship and thinks that they will be with this partner for the rest of their lives. It is something sacred and should never be taken lightly. However, we see many marriages that fail and ends in divorces. Most of these people are made up largely of movie stars, artists and those in the entertainment industry. Perhaps they had grown apart with their tight schedule for work that leaves no time for their spouse. Some of them get married and divorce as many times as 5! Can you believe that? Some of these stars' married information can be found in the Marriage Records online.

Mid Autumn and Deepavali Lights

Before the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival is over, Hindus also celebrate the Festival of Lights during the month of Sep to early Nov 2008. This celebration is none other than Deepavali where Hindus all over the world light up oil lamp as a gesture of thanks to the Hindu Gods for happiness, health, wealth and knowledge they have received. Why not make it a 2 in 1 visit by making a stopover at Little India after the lantern light up in Chinatown.

Lit with streamers and lights that are decorated along Serangoon Road, it will be so much fun. Shoppers will also have much delight shopping along the road that are lined with stalls selling a wide array of dazzling Indian clothings, bling blings, arts, craftworks, jewellery and lots of sweet delicacy.

The light up is from 7pm to 12 midnight daily except 26th October it will be on untill 2am in the morning.

Information on Divorcees

United States is such a big country. With so many states and enormous population, technology has made things easier for the government in terms of records and taxes for the people. There are many things that you can access online through their efficient coordination and massive records. I read in a blog that those who wish to retrieve information about divorces can actually do so online. Texas Divorce Records is one example that provides information about divorce for those living in Texas. This is just one of the many states available in United States. Don't be surprised if your mother-in-law actually knows about your past.