Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Slings

Decades ago, many women folks in villages used a sarung-type of cloth to carry their babies everywhere they go. At that time, prams and baby carriers were either not practical or even unheard off. Their babies are cradled in this cloths and seen in farms, vegetable orchards or when doing housework. These cloths that are tied in a knot to fit and hold the baby in a cradle like manner have made a comeback as a modern baby carrier. Thare are commonly known as Baby Sling. The advantage of a Baby Sling is very obvious. It keeps the baby close the the mother or caregiver and is held close to the heart. The warmth and security of the mother is very assuring to a baby in it's infancy. With this sling, you don't have to worry about folding up bulky carriers like prams, when you have some shopping bags as well.

Baby Slings now come in many beautifully designed patterns and trendy as well. Check out the range that is provided on an online store - Attached To Baby. They come in many types of materials such as Organic Lightly Padded, Linen, Silk, Cotton mesh or even those that comes in pockets.


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