Monday, September 15, 2008

Where To Find A Job In UK

My sister in law's son had graduated with a master's degree in Business Administration about 5 years ago. Upon graduating, he accepted a job in the busy corporate world with a bank in Hong Kong. When I last spoke with him, he told me about the stress he faces and how he prefers the lifestyle in Manchester, the place where he was studying. He wants to look for Jobs In Manchester. He thinks that the stressful situation in a busy Hong Kong lifestyle is making him age faster. My advise to him was to try to hunt for his dream job through a recruitment agency if he is really keen to get back to Manchester. His interest lies very much in People, Travel amd Tourism and if he could he would like to look for Jobs in Hospitality in a tourism industry. There are many global companies that provide job opportunities on their websites but if you search for jobs through recruitment agencies like Search, there is a list of jobs consolidated and available for your convenience. Search is UK's leading recruitment company with as many as 13 offices and over 500 specialist consultants, offering thousands of opportunities all across UK.

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