Monday, September 22, 2008

Create A Little Eden

For a small country that is filled with many high rise buildings and modern technology, residents in their flats and apartments showed a desire to have plants in their homes. As grounds are mainly concrete or tiled, many apartment and building developers and dwellers adopt the use of Indoor Planters as well as Outdoor Planters within apartment buildings and public places.

Landscape designers also put on their thinking caps and creative thinking to create an illusion that the evironment may looked like a natural little green encloved park with the use of
various planters or Decorative Planters. A little pathway to the entrance can be instantly created by just lining up some planters from the main gate.

Some townhouses also adopt the use of Window Box Planters as a divider as these type of homes do not have gates or walls between houses. It serves as a purpose of dividers and prevents residents from intruding into the space of their neighbours. Planters are also a wonderful way to add greens to your home environment as they can be relocated easily without digging up a garden full of soil. They can also be put away when you need additional space for your patio parties and gatherings.

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