Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Frames

Holidays are the best time to destress. We feel more relaxed and everything tastes and smells better too. We shop for clothes and wear the casual ones when we are on our holiday trips or during this festive occasion. But we always get stuck with the same pair of glasses, the one we have bought for both work and home. Selecting glasses always puts us in a spot because they cost so much and we tend to pick one that is neutral and practical so that it is not too fancy in the office or when meeting clients. But when we are enjoying ourselves in a holiday mood, we are dressed for it. Why not get a pair of glasses for that occasion too. If you worry about costs, then Zenni Optical will put your fears of extravagant spending aside. They are well known for their cheap eyeglasses that costs as little as $8.00 so you can never go wrong when you have more than 2 pairs of eyeglasses.

To usher the holiday spirit, Zenni Optical even has Holiday frames specially designed for you. Instead of putting on the same pair of glasses you wear at work, perhaps you can have that spare eyeglasses for every occasion because Zenni Optical's frames are all so affordable!

I had a good look at their holiday frames and I really like the black and white theme with snowmen and evergreens. I seldom get to see frames that has any designs like that on the side. Most of those I see are patterns that are generic but these were a little different. This will never go out of fashion and you can wear them during the last few months at the end of the year to usher in the holiday spirit of Christmas. And because it is in Black and White, it can be worn to match with many clothes too. Cool.

Flyer has Back-Up Mechanism Now

Remember the Singapore Flyer that had stopped due to some problems recently on Tuesday? It stopped for almost 7 hours because of some power disruption. Some passengers were lowered down to safety but the ones located on the higher level were impossible to be lowered down. Well it is not yet running and won't be for the New Year. Business that are located in the location had complained on their drastic drop of business since the Flyer stopped operations. But a shop there is organising a New Year's Party there so I guess that may help to bring in some customers. Their rent for retails will be waived until the end of the year so at least that helps to offset their poor business operations cost a little.

The flyer will be open for operations only when it is being double checked for safety. Also, additional back up mechanisms will be added, although there is additional generator standby, so that the flyer will be kept on moving.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Value for Money Hosting Packages

I have been considering getting a domain name for another blog of mine but have not decided on which web hosting company to use. One thing for sure is that there are so many hosting sites available and they all have their own packages at different price. Some of the pricing offered are not the final one you see on their website so as you check out, you may end up having to pay more than what you see initially.

That was until a friend recommended me UK-Cheapest. There lots of savings with UK-Cheapest because you don't pay for unnecessary and hidden costs that may occur during checkout. All that is listed on their website is what you pay. And if you buy hosting from them for Starter, Personal and Business packages, they will give you a FREE .UK domain, not one but two years! How about that!

They have packages suitable for all from Budget, Starter, Personal and Business. Their packages do not incur any setup fees, unlike some other hosting company and you can get a refund after 30 days if you are not satisfied with your buy, with no questions asked.They also have a 24/7 customer help desk and 100% Free Support to help those who may have problems.

Other non charges services they provide are unlimited nameserver changes, unlimited number of forwarding of email addresses, URL forwarding and free homepage builder. Unbelievable!

So the next time if you are considering a web hosting company, choose one that gives you more value for money such as UK-hosting. Cheap and reliable, it's a dream.

Punish those Drunk Drivers

With Christmas and New Year's celebration both within a week each, there are certainly more parties to attend and more reasons to celebrate. Some Singaporeans and residents are forgetting that no matter what, it is still dangerous to drink and drive. So, on Friday night, when the traffic police set up a series of road blocks covering the watering holes in town, as many as 18 were caught for drink driving when they failed the breathalyser test for alcohol limit. All of these arrested were men between 28 and 60 years old. And during this 4 hour, there were also 21 others who were summoned for other traffic related offences too. Can you imagine how much danger all these people are causing to the rest of the road users and pedestrians?

I think the police should clamp down harder before more any harm. Perhaps pubs should not allow their patrons to drive back by offering them a special pub taxi service as a special deal for those who consumes more than 2 drinks.

In Singapore, first time offenders are fined between S$1,00 to S$5,000 or jailed up to 6 months but can you imagine how much grief, costs and others if there was an accident or even a fatal one. Perhaps these people should be slapped with a Drink Driver Offense sticker on their car, driving license to warn people and also to shame them. Singaporeans are all very image conscious and always like to avoid embarrassement. If those caught for littering got to wear the CWO (Corrective Work Order) jackets and sweep the streets in Singapore, these drunk drivers should be punish too. How about letting them wear Drunk Driver jackets and have them prune the trees... perhaps they would understand why the streets should be free of drunk drivers!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Help for those in Debts

With the bad economy downturn lately, the reports on newspapers and other media had reported that more and more people are using their credit cards for big ticket items by paying in intalments. I guess when one does that, the larger amount when divided by a year or two or even more is a smaller amount but this way of payment can be addictive. A report also shown that for one who didn't realize how much he is paying in total, ended up signing up for several items on instalments and chalked up a debt of S$110,000 and got himself in a spot when he cannot pay up his monthly payments.

What is Credit Counselling SingaporeCredit Counselling Singapore is a body that can help you if you are in trouble with your debts. This is for those who are residing in Singapore. They were set up because of rising problems of credit debts. It started being registered as a Charity in 2003, then officially registered as a society with full time staff in March 2004. With their successful programmes in managing debts, under a Debt Management Programme, CCS was finally officially launched to the public in 2004. Since June 2005, it is now a memeber of a National Council of Social Service.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blogging for Money Works for Me. No Scam.. Phew!

A year ago, I had blogged for fun. Then a friend of mine introduced me to paid blogging. I had not believed him at first. He said, no harm trying it out. " If you make your first 100, that is one big step into the many 100s you will earn." I didn't believed him but I signed up anyway.

I was really sceptical about all this paid blogging. I thought lots of fishy business and how can I really earn. Perhaps it's only few cents worth and it will take me as long as a decade to make a few dollars just for the benefit of some scam that benefited someone at the top.

But how wrong I was, because as soon as I sign up, it was few days that my blog got approved. I made my first $5 on July 28 with a post about sunglasses. Yes, the money is there shown on the dashboard, a virtual dashboard and I had 30 days before I could really see if that $5 will end up in my PayPal. Before the end of 30 days, I had written more jobs, from reserving jobs from the marketplace. Almost 30days and I braced myself that if this works Great but if not, a month of writing is not a waste of time. I got to read more about advertisers' products and did research to know more about it.

It was really true when the first $5 finally went into my PayPal account. You will need to open a PayPal account before you register PayPerPost, okay. So that you can have all the information required at your fingertips. Yahoo! As days passed, each job that I did was deposit into my PayPal without fail and pretty soon, I saw my first 100, 200 and it kept me going.

I took a print screen of my dashboard here. I may not have made as much as some of the full time bloggers who earn as much as 500 per month, but this is really helpful to me. It is up to you how much you want to earn.

To date: I have earn $435.75 and I still have $146.39 to be paid into my PayPal.

If you are convinced that this will work for you, I hope you will than sign up from my blog so that at least the genuine information that I have imparted works and you are being referred by me. I don't hide anything but at least I earn a small tip by being your referral.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Luxury Items Not Popular in Recession

With the gloomy economy and recession blues, pawnshops are now doing brisk business. Many people have started to bring in their valuables like gold and gems to pawn. However, second hand luxury stores are are hit by the recession wave and not doing as good business as Pawn Shops. They are receiving more than the usual luxury watches like Rolex. However, the second hand Rolex is not very much in demand now as new ones are selling at lower price compared to previously.

So, luxury items are not very much welcomed in second hand stores. People are not looking for such items to buy anymore and are getting very cautious about their purchase now.

Singapore is the first country in Asian that slip into recession recently. Business has drop generally as few people are buy.

Great Eyeglasses Website

My eyeglasses cannot fit me proper now because i lost the nose pads that holds the ridge of the nose. I brought it to the optical shop and they told me they do not have the missing parts in stock and advice me to get a new pair. I was shocked when the lady quoted me $120 for a pair of eyeglasses that belonged to a no frills section. How expensive and since I didn't buy it, I had not worn my eyeglasses for a while.

Then as I was surfing, I found this website called Optical4Less that is an online store selling prescription eyeglasses, bifocal reading glasses, tinted sunglasses and more eyewear. I was stunned when I saw that the price that was stated was as low as $15 for a pair or prescription eyeglasses. That is a lot of difference from retail shops that I have been buying from! And also the range available for other low prices are wide and the frames are trendy, fashionable and really stylish. Never would I have thought that I can get eyeglasses cheap from the internet at all. They have them in alloy, plastic, rimless or semi-rimless, bendable titanium, kids' eyeglasses and a big range of overstocked eyeglasses at $15 only.

What is even more wonderful is that if you were to purchase more than a pair of these eyeglasses, they offer FREE shipping! So can you imagine getting two pairs of eyeglasses for under $50? This is really a steal.

If you upload your photo, you can do a virtual fitting on the eyeglass of your choice to see how the frames look on you. It's way too cool.

Parental Matchmaking for Singaporeans

Singaporeans are now moving back in time when it comes to marriage. Well, behind their back, that is. Apparently parents who have given up their single children looking for their own partners have decided to take matters in their own hands. They turn up for parental matchmaking session to find partners for their children between the ages 25 - 45 years old.

Woo hoo, this is the second session after a successful first session in September when 80 parents turned up. And what is surprising is that knowing how some of their children will protest, some of these parents are doing it without their children's knowledge.

In this event, there are also talks on how to bring up this subject to their children without letting them liken this event to something like an arranged marriage. Organisers deemed this as a way to interract and expand social networks.

Well, good luck Parents!

Increasing Drug Smugglers Lately

Despite Singapore being some of the world's strictest drug laws, there is an increase in the country being used as a transit point for shipping of heroin to countries like US and Europe, the recent reports wrote. In the local newspaper, in the first 9 months of this year, as much as 46kg of heroin were seized, which is 3x the total of whole of 2007.

In Singapore, a mandatory death sentence is applied to those who carries over 15 gms of heroin. Due to the bumper opium harvests last year in countries between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, security officials are bracing themselves for more smuggling acts.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Monitor Your Website

Those who are into online business relies on their website greatly for business. When the site is down, the owner of the site loses many potential business. Sometimes one do not realize that the site is down until someone emails or when he himself tries to access it. How about if you are on holiday and you have no idea that your customers had not been able to access it for a few days?

However, there is a new service that one should consider should there be something wrong. This is a feature that can be signed up online that features Website Monitoring service. And the best part? It is FREE! This server allows you to be kept up to date whenever your site is down so that you can make calls to your webhost to fix the problem as soon as possible. This website, SlashDot provides website monitoring, web server monitoring service and is available worldwide. All you need is to register an account with your details and preferance for uptime reports. You can select a daily, weekly, monthly report on your website uptime. This information is gathered and will be sent to you by email or you can also choose to select an sms alert. If you site is down, you can quickly contact your administrators or webhost almost immediately. This way you will not lose precious time and money. If you are not sure, why not go to the site and do a quick test or try out their demo. This way, you have an idea how it works. Or read from the FAQ section for any queries.

It is important to keep your online sites and business available at all times.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crude Oil Down Again

Motorists are no longer complaining and sighing when they pump up full tanks. That is because for the second time this week, pump prices have gone down yet again. The petrol stations islandwide had reduced their prices by another 5 Singapore cents per litre.

Reports have been rumoured that crude oil prices may still hit south in coming weeks. If you are at the petrol station, you might find your regular 95 petrol to be only S$1.546 per litre. So pump up full now and enjoy it while it lasts.

This year in July alone, crude oil had been rocket high hitting as high as $147.27 per barrel.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Singapreans to get top priority

Business employers have been urged to give priority to Singaporeans by avoiding retrenchments. This was a message by the secretary general of the National Trade Union Congress, Mr Lim Swee Say recently at the Singapore Tripartism Forum on Thursday.

In the late, many companies have been making decisions to axe/retrench their employees to keep the costs down and to survive in this economy downturn. DBS and NOL were among the list.

Local companies are being reminded that there is a quota to be met, by hiring local talent before foreign ones can be hired. However, it is understandable that foreign workers are also neccessary for these companies to keep their costs down and avoid relocating to overseas.