Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flyer has Back-Up Mechanism Now

Remember the Singapore Flyer that had stopped due to some problems recently on Tuesday? It stopped for almost 7 hours because of some power disruption. Some passengers were lowered down to safety but the ones located on the higher level were impossible to be lowered down. Well it is not yet running and won't be for the New Year. Business that are located in the location had complained on their drastic drop of business since the Flyer stopped operations. But a shop there is organising a New Year's Party there so I guess that may help to bring in some customers. Their rent for retails will be waived until the end of the year so at least that helps to offset their poor business operations cost a little.

The flyer will be open for operations only when it is being double checked for safety. Also, additional back up mechanisms will be added, although there is additional generator standby, so that the flyer will be kept on moving.

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