Friday, December 12, 2008

Monitor Your Website

Those who are into online business relies on their website greatly for business. When the site is down, the owner of the site loses many potential business. Sometimes one do not realize that the site is down until someone emails or when he himself tries to access it. How about if you are on holiday and you have no idea that your customers had not been able to access it for a few days?

However, there is a new service that one should consider should there be something wrong. This is a feature that can be signed up online that features Website Monitoring service. And the best part? It is FREE! This server allows you to be kept up to date whenever your site is down so that you can make calls to your webhost to fix the problem as soon as possible. This website, SlashDot provides website monitoring, web server monitoring service and is available worldwide. All you need is to register an account with your details and preferance for uptime reports. You can select a daily, weekly, monthly report on your website uptime. This information is gathered and will be sent to you by email or you can also choose to select an sms alert. If you site is down, you can quickly contact your administrators or webhost almost immediately. This way you will not lose precious time and money. If you are not sure, why not go to the site and do a quick test or try out their demo. This way, you have an idea how it works. Or read from the FAQ section for any queries.

It is important to keep your online sites and business available at all times.

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