Tuesday, May 13, 2008


There are many sporting activities that are being played in Singapore. Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis and many more. Sports and exercise play a big part of the Singaporeans and the Government helps in building many sport facilities, stadiums and even has a Sports School to train young Singaporeans to excell in sports activities. You might want to find out from SHOPwiki about the various types of sports people play and information about the game and accessories needed.

There are not many stores selling sports' equipment that are cater purely to sports' enthusiasts in Singapore. Stores need to have a wide variety of sporting equipments instead of just a few niche games sports. However if you need to find variety, rest assured that you can actually find them online. Singaporeans are very internet savvy. They will source for products online if they are unable to find it in the shops in town. Online stores are a great way to shop. They do shipping to many countries and sport equipments, balls, accessories are basically standard around the world. Get the ultimate sports collection for your hobby.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pet Safari

There are many pet owners in Singapore. For pet owners, pet shops are very in demand in around Singapore. Even though many residents reside in high rise buildings, they do keep pets like dogs, rabbits, cats and other small animals. They treat their pets as well as some treating their children with gifts, games, high quality foods, clothings, beddings and toys. Most shopping malls would have a pet shop store in it.

Take the case of the trendy Vivocity, one of the new addition of large malls. On one of their top floors is a pet sanctuary called Pet Safari. Pet Safari is a hypermart dedicated to all pet owners ever wanted. Even within the hypermart is a Vet as well as a grooming house. Pets like dogs are also release on certain days for viewing. You can find small pets like the hamsters and guinea pigs exercising on their little miniature wheels. Look for fancy beddings, clothings to spoil your lovely toy dog and even massive toys and titbits for rewards. Kids who drop by with their parents are as excited too. You even can find special prams to wheel your prized Shit Tzus or Little Yorshire Terrier for walks. How about that?