Saturday, March 14, 2009

Congested Heat or Wide Open Spaces

Singapore. Scorching weather in concrete jungle. Yes, that is the weather we have here. But we are so used to it, we just complained hot or humid. You won't catch us saying's so cold, it had snowed in nor would you ever catch us saying we have to scrape the car windows down. We have the air conditioning on almost every night unless it's broken. And we go about doing the normal things we do each day, going in and out of office from the hot scorching sun to the cool comforts of air conditioning in the offices and malls.

But what is really getting to me, is not the weather. I could go to Thailand or Malaysia and weather the same heat yet not complain much. To me, it is the space constraint. In Singapore, space is so limited and wherever we turn, there's buildings, flats, condominiums, offices, shophouses..everywhere.

In Malaysia, Thailand and Arizona homes that weather hot scorching weather it is not congested. Because of the wide open spaces, big open land and big trees, it feels like a holiday and you breathe easier. Arizona may have their scorching days but they have winter too. So you get to have unconstrained air conditioning without having to be kept in a small room or building.

Blogging For A Pilot Job

Want to be a pilot? Well in Asia's fastest growing airlines industry, AirAsia is looking to recruit 10 pilots without any experience necessary. The catch? You have to blog about why you think you are right for the job! Sounds pretty easy? Well, they need to meet the required requirements like aged between 18 to 28 years, have a good eyesight, mentally and physically fit and a good command of English Languge and Bahasa Malaysia (the official language of Malaysia)...

I definitely am not cut out for the job...LOL but I believe I would be applying for it if it were two decades ago! Bet this way of recruiting, will be giving lots of positive publicity to AirAsia because of those who wants it so bad. Anyone already started blogging about it?

I would love to read about it too!