Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great Eyeglasses Website

My eyeglasses cannot fit me proper now because i lost the nose pads that holds the ridge of the nose. I brought it to the optical shop and they told me they do not have the missing parts in stock and advice me to get a new pair. I was shocked when the lady quoted me $120 for a pair of eyeglasses that belonged to a no frills section. How expensive and since I didn't buy it, I had not worn my eyeglasses for a while.

Then as I was surfing, I found this website called Optical4Less that is an online store selling prescription eyeglasses, bifocal reading glasses, tinted sunglasses and more eyewear. I was stunned when I saw that the price that was stated was as low as $15 for a pair or prescription eyeglasses. That is a lot of difference from retail shops that I have been buying from! And also the range available for other low prices are wide and the frames are trendy, fashionable and really stylish. Never would I have thought that I can get eyeglasses cheap from the internet at all. They have them in alloy, plastic, rimless or semi-rimless, bendable titanium, kids' eyeglasses and a big range of overstocked eyeglasses at $15 only.

What is even more wonderful is that if you were to purchase more than a pair of these eyeglasses, they offer FREE shipping! So can you imagine getting two pairs of eyeglasses for under $50? This is really a steal.

If you upload your photo, you can do a virtual fitting on the eyeglass of your choice to see how the frames look on you. It's way too cool.


Anonymous said...

Of course if you are looking for good deals on name brand eyeglasses you should check out simplyeyeglasses.com.What they do not have is 15.00 eyeglasses but they do have great pricing and free shipping on any purchase over 89.00.

Anonymous said...

I found a website that probably has the cheapest sunglasses, glasses and eyeglasses at http://www.SimplyEyeglasses.com. They provide sun glasses, safety eyeglasses, eyewear, eye glasses with prescriptions lens. They have the biggest selection of prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses, prescription eyeglasses, and prescription safety glasses. When I bought my pair of glasses and had a question about them they responded to my email right away. I highly recommend them to anyone. Hope this was helpful.

Eyeglasses said...

I also found great website

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