Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Singapore's Famous Chilly Crab

If you are in Singapore, you must try the Chilly Crab. A national dish, this is so popular among locals and tourists alike. Many seafood food outlets and local ones definitely will have this in their menu. Widely popular, this is crabs cooked in a thick gravy with egg drop and is tomato and chilly based. Many versions are available and many individuals do have their own preference on how the perfect chilly crab tastes like. This yummy seafood dish can be served to eat with some Mantaos (chinese buns, that has been steamed, then fried).

Another seafood dish that is also popular is the Black Pepper Crab. The Black Pepper gravy is sauteed and then mixed together with fresh crabs. One of the best places you can opt for seafood is the UDMC Seafood Centre in the East coast. This is the place where you can eat various seafood, by just selecting any food outlets you wish. Some of the popular ones are Long Beach Seafood Restaurant and the Jumbo Seafood. If you fancy Chilly Crab in a much more luxurious setting, Ah Hoi's Kitchen is the perfect place to go. It is located in Trader's Hotel, at 1A Cuscaden Road.

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