Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teach Less, Learn More for Singaporean Kids

What do parents do with their kids in the weekends? For most Singaporeans, many of their kids take some form of enrichment class, a tuition as they have limited time during the weekdays. Kids are burdened with activities and class, some from school and some because of their weakness of a certain subject or some parents may also enroll their kids in some classes for improvement of studies. Do these kids feel stressed?

I believe some do. Some are practically having back to back classes and with some compulsary remedial and supplementary lessons from school, there is hardly time for kids to be kids. Do they have a choice? I believe it is all up to the society. The society, as a whole creates the demand for it and when parents worry about their kids falling back on their lessons they ended up getting caught in the paper chase too.

Singapore's education system stresses on Teach Less, Learn More. But does it work. Will that actually put the parents of the kids to send their kids for more supplementary class instead because the teacher's workload to teach more is lessen? Does it work? If the marks shown improvement that is alright but what about some teachers who cannot grasp this teaching method and the child ends up having a bad grade? That means the parents start to worry and sends the child to more lessons out of school and the child is the victim of stress trying to juggle school, activities and tuitions.

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