Saturday, September 13, 2008

Increased Train Rides for Formula 1 Night Race

When the Formula 1 night race starts on September 26, everyone is expecting massive human traffic especially when offices are closed. That will mean commuters who are travelling home from work during those days may have to wail longer or be stuck as tourists and those who are going to watch the Formula 1 night races will be hoarding trains during those times. However, SMRT had already anticipated these and planning to increase a total of 36 train trips to cut down on travelling time for commuters.

Waiting time are shorter, by up to 1.5 minutes. That is very efficient for a public transportation system. That means you will have a train ride home and not have to worry about crowding. After the races, SMRT will also be adding trains and extending the operating hours for trains until 1.30am. SMRT also intends to increase train trips in the mornings and evenings starting from next month.

Commuters couldn't have had it better.

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