Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singapore Gets 2 More Medals for Paralympics

More Hurrahs for Singaporean Paralympic contestent. Singapore Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu had won the first gold medal finally in the 50-metre Backstroke finals. On Saturday, she had also won a Silver medal for the 50-metre Freestyle for women in Beijing. With this two medals under her belt, she also managed to break her own world record and the Paralympic record of 57.92 seconds, beating Fran Williamson of Britain.

She also broke her own record for the Freestyle in the heats when she made it at 57.04 seconds, which then won her a silver in the finals with 57.43 seconds. She expressed her first joy when she won her silver in the earlier Freestyle event and a gold for the Backstroke finals. The silver medal was presented to her coach Ang Peng Siong for her show of gratitude.

She was presented with flowers for the event by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister of Singapore.

Prior to this, Singapore has two bronze medals from Laurentia Tan in the equestrian events. Altogether, Singapore has won 4 medals. You Go Singapore!

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