Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Bedspaces for Foreign Workers in Singapore

Singapore is facing shortage of public housing for foreign workers. In 2006, there are 756,000 foreign workers in Singapore, a small nation of only about 4.6 million people. Most of them live in commrcially run dormitories and industrial/warehouse developments.

In the recent news, this morning, the government is preparing to release about 65,000 bed spaces by 2010. That will be in 11 new dormitory sites. Foreign worker townships concept is something new in Singapore. In Singapore's western part, there is a self contained dormitory that houses about 6,000 foreign worker.

Housing is about the size of Singapore's 2 room HDB flat. It has a bedroom, living kitchen and toilet. These housing is paid by the employers and is charged about S$180 per person. Workers in dormitories in Singapore are given biometric passes for moving in and out of quarters.

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