Friday, September 12, 2008

iPhone from SingTel needs no reservation now

It's been 3 weeks since the launch of the iPhone 3G in Singapore. Before it's release, many people had wanted to get one. With the high demand and exclusive rights from SingTel to sell it's phone, many who wanted it had to reserve the orders in advance.

During this time, there has been other phones with similar or better functions that needed no reservations. Thus customers who found themselves having to place orders end up opting for other phones instead.

iPhone 3G, launched in Aug 22 recently is the much waited for device that lets users talk, surf the net, play music and watch videos. In the last 3 weeks since it's launched, the prices have gone down. It started with $1,600 and is now retailed at $1,200 for the high end 16GB iPhones. Sales also have been slowed down. Last week, SingTel finally made the decision to cancel the policy of reservations from customers and allowed purchase on the spot.

I am hoping for the prices to go down further. I read that it has no camera function either.

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