Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Products Taken Off Shelves

News reported that over 15 brands of China made products are now been taken off the shelves of many major supermarkets. Some of these products include bread, biscuits such as Want Want Crunch Wafer, Oreo Wafer Sticks, Snickers Peanut Snack Sized bars, Dove Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and more. Condensed milk, crackers and butter that might have it's raw products from China have also been banned from sale. Products are all now been tested for sources of melamine and major supermarkets will only be able to sell them upon the green light by the Singapore's food safety authority.

News also reported that The Chinese company was aware that their dairy product had been contaminated as many complaints about sick children had poured in since last December. In Hong Kong, a second child is ill with kidney stones after drinking contamited Chinese dairy products.

Philippines is now the latest country to put a ban on the import and sale of Chinese dairy products.

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