Friday, September 19, 2008

Singapore Airlines Getting Its 6th A380, Hurrah!

Double decker Airbus 380 is a superjumbo aircraft, or rather, the world's largest passenger aircraft. Singapore Airlines is the first commercial airline to fly Airbus 380. Comfortable, spacious and quiet, can seat 471 passengers in three classes. 12 of these seats are luxury Singapore Airlines Suites, 60 will be in business class and 399 in economy class. The inaugural flight was to Sydney on Oct 25. The regular commercial service with be once a day on the Singapore - Sydney route. More flights have been planned for other global cities since then.

Up to date on 18 September, Singapore has since received its sixth A380 superjumbo airplane. The latest A380 will take on the second flight daily from Singapore and London. The target by Airbus is to stick to its target of delivery 12 A380 Superjumbo by the end of this year.

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