Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buy From An Authorized Car Agent

A car is used for transportation for many of us. Before we purchase any car, we should look at it based on our usage, needs and ease of use. When a car is new, we sometimes need to go back to the car agent to find out how things work. Manuals in the car can prove to be a little confusing. After driving the car for months, we may have queries about changing parts, upgrading or just add some new device like fixing an iPod, a GPS system or even a little DVD player for the kids to watch on a long journey.

Does your car agent give you good after sales service after the purchase of a car? Some wash their hands off when a car is bought. Getting a car from an authorized dealer is important. The major car dealers in Singapore gives good service but the smaller ones leave a lot to be desired. I had a bad experience with the car agent. Our car was imported through them but due to their lack of experience with the models, they really couldn't do much. Furthermore, the car manual was in Japanese. My advise would be to really go for an authorized agent that has proper customer services and technicians to look into any enquiry.

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