Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kids' Activity in Singapore

Tourist parents who have really no idea what they can do in the weekend, can actually browze this website,

This websites is a guide for parents to find ideas on what to do and where to go with their kids. One can go to the zoo, bird park, snow city, science centre, museams, among the list. There is a map of Singapore for access and lots of information about what is offered in terms of art, crafts and indoor activities.

Look at the list of activities that also include bowling, camping, cycling, fishing for night time activities. Check out the activities that require no entry fee, like some museaums, concerts, fishing, hiking, farm visits.

Read about what is synonymous with Singapore, like Food Courts, Great Singapore Sale, Mustafa's 24 hour shopping, and Singapore's favourite local food.

Great finds in this website.

Singapore For Kids

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