Friday, September 12, 2008

Ergonomic, Elegant and Modern

I was at the IT exhibition recently. I wanted to source for some bargains for a laptop and a printer for office use. When I returned back to the office, I couldn't decide how to relayout the Computer Furniture so that I can have some space available for the guests' sofa. The current furniture is very bulky and takes up a lot of space. I decided to change to something that not only looks modern but one that is comfortable for the staffs as well as create a modern looking office.

Computer Office Furniture are mostly overlooked. It is not about putting a desk and a chair to make up a desk set. An ergonomic chair is important as it helps to take off the stress from sitting down at long hours. Height adjustment is also something we should be looking into. A person who has a slightly longer torso may find it more comfortable to lower down the heigh of his chair so that he doesn't have to hunch over the keyboard. The level of the table must be set at the right height as well.

I managed to find an online site that specializes in modern contemporary furniture. They have many tyes of furniture ranging from home to commercial ones. I found some great looking Computer Desk Furniture here. The designs are clean and modern. My pick was a beautiful executive desk that comes in tempered bright clear glass that looks really graceful and elegant. Glass desks are useful when the rooms are small in size. It gives the impression of space. Check this site, SPACIFY out for other furnitures for home as well. You won't be disappointed.

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