Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mooncake Prices Gone Up

If you find that you usual box of mooncakes is expensive compared to last year's, it is because of the global price increase of many ingredients. For instance, oil, flour, lotus and fuel had been raised. Many shops selling mooncakes reported that despite the increase of about 5-10% more, they are still doing brisk business. Lots of other things that are pulling the consumers to buy are now the packaging for mooncakes. Nowadays mooncakes come in very fancy packagings and also supplementary items like plates, miniature little forks and knife that makes it attractive as a gift item. Some have even created unique tiffin carriers, drawer cabinets and tresure box style.

Mooncakes now also come in flavours like coffee, green tea, yam and potato paste, chocolate besides the usual lotus paste or red bean filling.

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