Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid Autumn and Deepavali Lights

Before the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival is over, Hindus also celebrate the Festival of Lights during the month of Sep to early Nov 2008. This celebration is none other than Deepavali where Hindus all over the world light up oil lamp as a gesture of thanks to the Hindu Gods for happiness, health, wealth and knowledge they have received. Why not make it a 2 in 1 visit by making a stopover at Little India after the lantern light up in Chinatown.

Lit with streamers and lights that are decorated along Serangoon Road, it will be so much fun. Shoppers will also have much delight shopping along the road that are lined with stalls selling a wide array of dazzling Indian clothings, bling blings, arts, craftworks, jewellery and lots of sweet delicacy.

The light up is from 7pm to 12 midnight daily except 26th October it will be on untill 2am in the morning.

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