Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chicken Rice That Costs $94 A Plate

Some Singaporeans think it is silly to eat a plate of Fried Rice at $25 when they can buy them below $5. However Russian diners in a food fair in Moscow are paying for as much as $53 for a bowl of laksa or $94 to tuck into that plate of Chicken Rice!

That was what was in the report of Straits Times, dated 11 September recently. This was in a food fair that was held in the capital city of Moscow. Some of the other Singaporean popular dishes were Chilly Crab, Satay, Beef Rendang, just to name a few. International Enterprise had organised a Singapore Culinary Festival recently in June 30 to July 14.

It flew executive chefs to Russia and teach the Russia chefs how to prepare the Singapore delicacies. And it proved to be such a hit that these dishes will be set as permanent dishes in the Russian menu. Many diners in Russian took to these dishes well. These dishes were cooked with pre-mixes and paste that was flown in for the Singaporean dishes.

How wonderful for Singapore, a small red dot with food that is set to go international!

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