Friday, September 19, 2008

Facilities for Foreign Workers

Foreign worker numbers in Singapore are going up. It had doubled to 102,000 last year from the figure of 55,000 a year ago. And at the end of last year, excluding maids, the figures were 577,000 of which, 180,000 are doing construction work. Thus is the reason for lack of foreign worker housing.

The government is looking at possibilities to add more housing for these foreign workers. Some sites have been identified for temporary accomodation which can last for two to five years. But with two upcoming integrated resorts, more foreign workers are expected to arrive. There may not be enough to meet the demand.

There had been some negative reactions about building dormitories near to Singapore residential locations recently. Some were against the idea and some worry about safety issues and the unsightly gathering in public places and noise.

However, a new recreation complex is now in the works for foreign workers who are living in Jurong West and will be completed by the end of the year. It will house a football field, amphitheatre, sports courts, postal and remittance facilities, beer garden, medical station, canteen and supermarket.

This is done to show appreciation for their contributions towards the Singapore economy.

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