Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part of a 300 metre long Sleeping Buddha found

Did anyone read about the discovery of an ancient Sleeping Buddha that measures 300 metre long? The remains at 19 metre long was discovered by an afghan archeologist in central Afghanistan - Bamiyan. He and the team found the buddha, among other relics and among them coins from Greek, Bactrian and Islamic eras.

This is a confirmation of a book that was written centuries ago by a Chinese pilgrim that Bamiyan was once a centre for Buddhism. And he had written about a 300 metre long Buddha in a sleeping position.

This discovery of the remains are part of the neck and right shoulder of the statue. The search for it was renewed by archaeologists after the collapse of the Taliban regime in early 2000s. During then two giant standing Buddha's as old as about 1,600 years old had been bombed and destroyed.

I wonder how long it too in ancient times to have this enormous statue built when their technology was limited to men and basic equipments.

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