Thursday, September 18, 2008

Old People That Lives Alone

There had been cases when the old member in a family takes a short walk at the park and does not make their way home. This has happened in those who are inflicted with Alzheimers disease. When this happens, it is difficult to locate him or her and these old folks are susceptible to risks like being run over by speeding cars, fall over things or into large canals due to their failing eyesights or run the risk of robbery as they are weak and unable to defend for themselves.

Cases like these also happens also because some old folks prefer to live by themselves and not want to impose on their chidren who may have gotten married and have their own family. What can we do about keeping old people in close contact if we are unable to watch them all the time? Investing in a Medical Alarm device is an excellent solution. There are two device that can be worn by the elderly. One is a band that is worn like a bracelet. This excellent device has features similar to a GPS system and once the person walks out of the safety area allocated, it will trigger an alert to the Emergency Call Centre or your loved ones. It also works as a built in speakerphone so that the lost person can be kept in constant contact. A GPS monitoring signal helps to locate the lost person to the exact location.

Medical Alarm also works in another excellent device that works at home by sensoring motion and detects movement like a fall, no activity alert and intruder alert. When the sensor detects a fall, it will send help to the location and through a speaker phone, tries to make contact to the elderly to see if there is any response. It will also automatically send for the police if the intruder alert is being sensored, like a break in or a door is forced opened. This device can also be set to work like a reminder alarm for appointments or time for medication for your loved ones. Trust in the excellence of Medical Alarm devices that will put your mind at ease. Safety comes first.

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