Thursday, April 24, 2008

Changi Village, Beach, Jetty

This is the eastern part of Singapore. Changi Point, as it is called remains a quiet getaway for families and courting couples as well as some who used to cherish the memories of living here while it was still a rustic kampung. One can find many food shops (coffee shops and small cafes, restaurants,) or even enjoy the hawker fare at the wet market hawker centre. There is a small jetty with many bum boats and also one can take a ride to Pulau Ubin, another offshore small island of Singapore.

Changi Point/Changi Village/Changi Beach is patronised by many campers, cyclists, and those who also like to have a quiet fishing experience as well as a busier weekend whereby families throng the area for it's good food. A place to getaway from the concrete jungle of Singapore's busy lifestyle, some take their weekend trips and stay in the only hotel Chang Village Hotel and feel as if one is in a foreign land nearby.

Boats at Changi

Changi Village Hotel

The Jetty

Relaxing at sidewalk food outlets

Changi Beach

Stroll along the lowrise flats and shops


Tammy said...

That looks like a very nice place to visit.

catherine said...

Hoho, actually Singapore that's in mind is always tall building and modern city... Well I have not been there for so many years.