Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Car Parks in Singapore

There are many high rise buildings in Singapore. Properties are expensive though it is not as expensive as cities around the world like Sydney, Hong Kong and London. This is usually a sign of expensive land prices that are saturated in an area.

In Singapore, car parks do not come free as in many places in Malaysia and Indonesia. Although many Singaporeans live in subsidized housing or government flats, they have to pay for their own car parks too. Some friends of mine got a shock learning this as they thought that as long as you bought an apartment or flat, carpark is either built in as a one time payment and the rest of the months are free. Perhaps so in Singapore private estates of apartments, condominium and the like. But in the local heartlands where the Singaporeans reside in a government flat, they too have to pay for their own car park, either monthly, quarterly or a longer term they choose. Not paying for season car parks may result in getting your car booked. There are officials who come with an electronic PDA-looking device that can scan your car label to see if your season parking is up to date.

A typical car park lot by the month for a flat cost anything from $55 or $65 for multistorey carparks. Even though many Singaporeans may rant about paying for many things, deep in their heart, they make up a large or majority percentage of citizens who trust their government to play the important role of much of the efficiency and developed Singapore.

Look at a typical car park in a housing estate of Singapore living.


Farah Deen said...

wow, that's tough! never knew you have to pay to park your cars at your own home. indeed, an expensive city!

Tammy said...

You don't have to pay for parking you car at your apartment here. Very expensive to have a car there.