Monday, September 1, 2008

Embarrassment Moments to Remember

In the neighbourhood, I read about how a Malaysian man had tried to lengthen his p*nis by slipping a nut around it to lengthen it. It got stuck after an er**tion and it became a nightmare for him. He had to seek help at a hospital, much to his embarrassment.

The staff from the hospital at Sultanah Aminah Hospital had to cut away the top layer of the skin as well as drain some blood from the p*nis. The patient, in his 20s, had hoped that using the nut will weigh it down to make them longer.

He had been discharged, the hospital director told the reporters.

About less than a week before this incident, another Malaysian man had also tried to increase his s*xual prowess by slipping a steel ring around his p*nis. When it got stuck, the fire department had to be called in to cut off the ring as doctors were unable to remove it.

Of all the things men do. Sigh.

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