Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life Long Learning for Singaporeans

More Singaporeans are taking on more contract and casual jobs lately. The figures had increased by as much as 12.1 per cent over the past 7 years. (59,400 *year 2001 to 183,700 *183,700). NTUC is also putting aside about S$850,000 to help workers to upgrade skills so that they can progress in their career and enjoy life long employment. This initiative is called the U Train, U Gain and will benefit and enhance employability of some 400 workers, for a start in 4 stages in about a year.

Each selected worker will be picked and have a customized training assisted by career consultants of e2i, which are among the partners of U Train, U Gain programme. Following this, training will follow up at the CET Centres (another partner and supporting training facilty centres) and NTUC LearningHub. When the workers have completed these training, job matching and placement will be offered to the workers. Singaporeans who work in contract or casual duties with wages lower than S$1,000 get to enjoy and gain access to these free subsidies and courses.

Aren't Singaporeans lucky!

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