Friday, September 5, 2008

HD Quality Shows on TV

There aren't many TV channel providers in Singapore. The best quality we have so far is the cable TV. Paying for a cable TV is not cheap. In order to get many channels to watch, you end up paying for an ultimate price that is really expensive. Otherwise we are just confined to limited channels. In order to watch some good sport channels like cricket or Chinese drama, we have to pay a separate fee for individual channels. At the end of the day, we pay a hefty price just adding all the figures up.

I read recently that you can actually get a better option with DirectTV in terms of price, value and quality. In cable, we have to pay additional for a High Definition quality. DirecTV claim that you pay a one price and get what you want without paying extra for it. That include 95 HD channels, 100% digital quality, all the sports you can watch and even no activation fees. In cable, all these are broken down in separate charges so you may end up paying more for individual channels, digital quality features and perhaps the set top for HD features. DirecTV offers HBO HD, Cinemax HD, Showtime HD and Starz HD and over 150 channels as part of their total choice compared with cable where you may need to top up for these channels.

With such breathtaking HD channels, it will be pure delight watching TV! Try DirectTV deals and see the difference.

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