Sunday, September 7, 2008

Halal Mooncakes

In Singapore, the Mid Autumn festival is now celebrated alongside with the Musilim fasting month of Ramadan. With this two traditional cultures, a community organisation came up with a novel idea of creating a halal mooncake that can be enjoyed by the muslim Singaporeans. It is made using vegetable oil, traditional lotus paste and filled with a mixed of chopped dates.

This Sunday will see as many as 800 halal mooncakes given out to 700 participants at a local community event. Dr Amy Khor, the Mayor of South West District who heads the team, together with about 30 non Muslim students from Nan Hua High School , made a batch of 250 mooncakes on Wednesday.

As cultural and educational tour, they will attend a briefing on Islam and be given a guided tour of a mosque.

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