Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guilty to Kidney Trading Gets Jail and Fine

The Singaporean retail magnate that was charged for agreeing to buying a kidney illegally was jailed for a day and fined $17,000 on Wednesday. He had pleaded guilty to the offence as well as lying to the Commissioner of Oaths during the kidney process that the donor was a relative. However due to some inconsistency and problems during the purchase led to the donor selling the kidney to another buyer in Indonesia, he did not receive the organ. That led to investigations to to reveal that this was an illegal trading and not a relative donor of the kidney as been processed.

It is just too bad that as humans, the need for survival does spur us to do things that may be against the rules. For Mr Tang, his desperation to stay alive led him to this alternative as he had been in a serious state of health risk since his health made a turn for worst and is in need of several dialysis a day.

I was glad that although the court ruled that he deserve the punishment of a day and a fine, they did not keep him longer than 2 hours in there as they do sense that this man really is sickly and deserves medical attention.

Now that he is back at home in the hands of his family and caregivers, I can only wish him good health and hopefully he finds a donor as soon as possible. I'd really be at a loss if I were in his position. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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