Sunday, August 31, 2008

Minimal Invasive Surgery of Mitral Valve

People born with heart diseases are a minority but it is something we should not take lightly too. In some cases, some developed complications that may require coronary bypass or mitral valve repair surgery. Although abnormal, a leaky mitral valve or stenosis of the mitral valve do happen. As Science and Technology progresses, cardiac surgeons are now professionally able to treat the patients with regugitation to have their mitral valve repaired with a minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery. This method is less stressful and also some patients actually do return to their normal activity right after a surgery is done.

University of Maryland Medical Center provides comprehensive care and specialty services and departments, such as their Maryland Heart Center that specializes in surgical treatment of valvular disease. Under the professional hands of the cardiac surgeons in Maryland Heart Center, the percentage of patients having their mitral valve repaired are well above the national average of 55 percent. A mitral valve repair (instead of mitral valve replacement) patient has an advantage of a reduced risk of stroke and also freedom from having to undergo long-term treatment using blood thinners and longer term survial rate.

To gain more understanding about this treatment, you may like to read about mitral valve surgery provided by Maryland Heart Center. Insights of the many success stories from the patients who underwent mitral valve repair will be helpful too.


MedPathGroup said...

Interesting post about mitral valve replacement. Indeed this procedure is the best option for those suffering with leaking mitral valve and narrowed mitral valve. It is also said that mitral valve repair compared to the valve replacement itself provides preservation of heart function and better long-term survival. The risk of complications is lowered and it gets rid of blood thinners as well.

Anam said...

Symptoms which might indicate that your leaking heart valve also called valve regurgitation is worsening to the point of needing some form of treatment are: unexplained fatigue, shortness-of-breath especially when you exert yourself, heart palpitations, an awareness of your heart beat, fluttery or irregular heart beat, chest pain also referred to as angina, dizziness or fainting, and swollen ankles or feet. Valve Replacement surgery in Germany

Aleena said...

This technique does not require stopping the heart and placing the patient on a heart-lung bypass machine, so weaker or sicker patients can endure the procedure. Without valve replacement, the life expectancy of patients with severe aortic stenosis is typically less than five years. List of centers in Thailand offering Valve Replacement

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