Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Women Versus Men Employees

I have this nagging question about maternity issues as a matter of fact. The government is helping mothers in increasing maternity leaves, adding child care leaves, and more benefits. However I do worry about some state of companies about hiring employees. Does that make married couples, especially the women become victims of poor value for employment? If a company were to hire a key management, would he hire a woman (who had just gotten married not too long) with no kids or would he prefer to hire one who had probably married for years with children or would he hire one that is still single. Or would he just give this position up and hire a man instead. No company would let their management be absent for as long as 4 months, I believe. And if the one to replace this woman (while on maternity leave), that would mean, the one on leave can be considered redundant?

I've heard about the value of a male employee is worth more than the woman, thus the men gets a much higher salary compared with the woman. Would that be what becomes of Singapore?

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