Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Registered Sexual Predators Information Online

This world is becoming unsafe with for many of us. Criminal offences and burglary are a big concern. How would you keep your family safe? Young children are innocent and are unable to defend for themselves. A case concerning a young child by the name of Megan Kanka had been sexually raped and then brutally murdered right in her own neighbourhood. None of her family know that a sexual predator had moved nearby just across the street off the family home. If Megan's family had known that such a person lives nearby, perhaps she could have been protected. As such, a new refined law, named as Megan's Law took effect to protect other innocent young children who could fall into the hands of a repeat violent sexual offender.

With Megan's Law, the public is kept informed of any Sexual Predators who lived in the vicnity or any where in the States. The public can just key in their zip codes and know details such as names, faces and know where these offenders live. Let's keep our neighbourhood safe and be alert.

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