Friday, August 1, 2008

The Singapore Transportation

If you visit Singapore, don't forget to travel in their efficient public transport. Among the many countries I've visited, I haven't come across the transportation as world class as Singapore. Their buses run at a peak of every few minutes in the morning and afternoon. In some countries you have to wait for a good half or one hour just for one.

There are many bus services that ply the Singapore roads. You can find a bus stop in every 400 metres away! Some buses ply similar or overlaps the routes of the trains that runs on ther rails above or under tunnel. I enjoy taking buses because you can enjoy the sights especially when you are seated on the upper deck of the double decker. Singapore is a green city, full of trees along the way. So it gives me a relaxing ride and sometimes I love to have a good book or listen to my favourite songs. There are TVs in the buses so if you are sitting in view of it, you can catch some local dramas on it too. Travelling is convenient. Fares are paid by dropping coins in a box next to the driver (actual amount) or you can tap your EZ link card on a scanner as you board. Tap as you alight too, it will auto deduct the actually amount from your stored value EZ link card.


Blessed mum said...

Hi..stop over to get your link for the longest breakfast menu...

Thanks for reminding us on the efficiency of our Singapore system which sometimes took for granted.

Farah Deen said...

Oh yes Yyun, Singapore public transport is definitely one of the best in the world. Even better than USA. Malaysia still needs to learn a lot in terms of public transportation.