Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singapore Fertility Goes Down

Singaporeans are getting old. And the population will see a decrease if the fertility rate drops any further. Like many developed country, more and more citizens are marrying later, have kids later or have lesser children. The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong voiced his concern as Singaporean women's fertility rate is currently 1.29 children, which is below the rate of 2.1 that is needed to maintain the country's 4.6 million population.

Men and Women need to readjust their attitudes about achieving their goals and work in having children to balance their career and marriage. In this new era, the man that used to be the master of the household is no longer true. Many woman are now working and earning as much as their husbands or some more than their partners. Some of these women care too much about their careers and put aside child bearing and having children early in marriage. Some have also voiced out that they are unable to juggle both career and responsibilities of having kids as both can be equally demanding. Thus, the Prime Minister is suggesting that men should assist their wives in the child rearing duties and the household duties as well.

Perhaps there are more issues that needed to be looked into as well? I'm sure many women are also looking into the financial abilities in having children too. Raising a child in Singapore is not easy, if you need to get your child a headstart in life, lots of money goes into enrichment, childcare and costs that are also increasing. I believe with the slowdown in economy, many are also putting building up a family the last thing on their mind.

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