Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wifey Posts Cheating Husband's Stuff On Ebay

Did you read the news about an Australian woman who auctioned a 'huge' panty belonging to a woman that her husband had an affair with? Apparently the cheating husband did not expect the wife to return home early from work one day. Although the woman that had slept with the husband had left the bedroom, that did not stop the wife from finding a condom wrapper under his pillow and a huge black panty at the foot of the bed.

Furious and seeking revenge, she decided to auction these items, displaying the huge panty and the husband's 'size small' condom packet on eBay instead. However the listing that she posted it out had to be taken down because eBay's policy were against selling secondhand underwear.

With the policy inforced, she is selling the photography of these items instead. This photograph at a starting price of US 69 cents has 47 bids by Thursday and surprisingly the highest bidder offered is standing at US$127.50.. This listing can be found at the if you would like to check it out!

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