Thursday, August 21, 2008

Displaying A Successful Image

Singapore holds many conventions, seminars and exhibition often. As a cosmopolitan country, it has 2 major convention locations like the Singapore Expo as well as the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Suntec City. Set to be among the world class standards for many exhibitions and events, many traders, exhibitors and suppliers take great pains to display their booths in the most attractive way as possible.

COMEX is an IT fair set to be held in end of August will span as many as 5 floors with over 800 leading manufacturers vying for customers attention with their trade show exhibits. This will be a time where many IT and related products will be displayed in a minimal booth space. It is up to the exhibitor how much he can do to ensure that visitors who walk by the booth get a full view of products and information at arms view from their table top display area as there will be many people crowding the area too. For some exhibitors who are there to promote their service, even placing some simple table covers is better than just having an empty booth with a bare table. This shows how much pride and professionalism about the company he or she is representing.

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