Friday, August 22, 2008

China Won Table Tennis

I was glued to the television this morning at 10am when our local TV aired the Table Tennis for Women's Singles live. It was a Semifinal Match 1 between China paddler Zhang Yining and Singaporean paddler Li Jia Wei. Although it was won by Zhang, I felt that the points between both of them were very close. In the first game, Li won in 11 - 9 but lost her following 4 other games at 8 - 11, 10 - 12, 8 - 11 and 5 - 11.

However, Zhang had the leading edge and seeing her play with full form, it is nerve wrecking. But Li was very persistant and played well it was only a 1pt and 3pts difference in 3 games she lost. She may be out for the Gold and Silver but I think her determination is the winner.

She proceeded to play against China's Yue Guo but lost at 2-4. Undoubtedly, China has always proved to be producing top players in Table Tennis game.

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