Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Intercity Dating for Singaporeans

Singaporean singles are expanding. Many of them are not gettting married earlier, or not at all. Some had been working hard to build up their careers or did not really find a suitable match for him or her. Singaporean men are also finding it harder to find wives locally because many of the Singaporean women are busy with careers, want men with higher expectations, some prefer to say single and some just didn't have the time. As such, matchmaking agencies in Singapore are also increasing in revenues. However as the demand for singles to seek out these dating agencies increases, dating agencies are seeking many new methods to sustrain the growth.

By expanding it's pool of people, the chances could be higher for Singaporeans to pair up. A dating agency, called It's Just Lunch had also devised letting it's customers from Bangkok and Singapore meet up. This is the first 'Intercity' dating launched by the agency. Their singles client base are made up of high-income singles like bankers, lawyers and doctors.

Perhaps this will aid the growth of our low birth rate society soon?

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