Thursday, August 7, 2008

Halal Foodcourt

Singapore is situated in a country where the many races are. There are Chinese, Malay, Indian that makes up the many religion of Buddhists, Taoism, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. As a melting pot, we have to respects each other's culture, religion and practise and live in harmony. Some Chinese are vegans, some restrain from eating Beef, and some only take foods with the Halal certification.

Halal is the global certification that the food has pass the laws regulated safe for consumption according to Muslim rites.

If you are in Malaysia and Indonesia, the majority religion being Muslim, you will be able to find many halal food shops. In Singapore, most of the coffee shops will have a small kiosk or stall that sells halal food too. There is a 100% halal foodcourt in Singapore that those practising Muslim will have no worries at all over which foodstalls they patronize. That is because this foodcourt do not use any ingredient that has pork, lard and non halal ingredient. Thus, all the cutlery can be mixed with no segregation. This is good news for muslim patrons. This food court branding is under the Bagus foodcourt. Look it up if you come to Singapore. Singapore welcomes all muslim tourists!

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