Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singapore Green Living

Singapore is trying to make the country as eco friendly as possible. Reduce, Recycling, and Reusable had been the green friendly slogan for many around the world. A website was launched recently on 29 July to make the public conscious about how reuse items can be part of our lives by swopping them. The website, called YouSwop is to encourage Singaporeans to exchange unwanted items they have for those that they need, thus reducing the need to purchase.

Over 700 suggestions from the public was also received over how to create this eco friendly environment. Some contributed ideas about using own containers to buy staples like rice, oil, shampoo to promote reuse and also reduce the need for these plastic bottles. How efficient. I am one for that. I remember The Body Shop is one friendly retail that lets you top up your cosmetic and toiletries by bringing your own bottle. That is what I call friendly to the Earth.

I am sure if they can do it, retails like NTUC, Cold Storage could give it a try by setting up a corner where large bags of staples are. And we can buy those items we need with our own containers.

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