Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Overseas Singaporeans Enjoy New Voting Procedures

It is good news for Singaporeans who are based overseas. Voting is made easier in the next General Elections, 2011. Previously, only those who had registered withing the 21 days of the register of election being opened, are allowed. The new rules that were just passed on Monday, in Parliament were to allow those qualified for voting criteria to register online, anytime before the write of elections is being issued. That certainly made things easier because in the past, some Singaporeans who were based overseas were disappointed when they travelled far to the nearest polling stations overseas were turned down because they didn't register during the 21 day window.

Other than new rules like online registrations anytime, these Singaporeans will also enjoy longer voting hours if necessary. If you are a Singaporean, and eligible for voting, you might like to register online now.

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