Saturday, August 9, 2008

Singapore is 43 today

Happy Birthday Singapore

Singapore celebrates it's National Day today. Singapore is now 43 years old and the grand celebration this year is held in Marina Bay. Many of the roads will be closed during this day and the public are advised to take the public transport to avoid jams. The National Day parade has always been something the Singaporeans feel proud of, and you can see from the many races in the event that they are really proud of Singapore. In the old days, to be able to view the parade, one queues for hours from the wee hours in the morning just to wait for the free tickets given out at different locations each year.

However the past few years in order to get tickets, one just need to send in their request and lucky ones will be ballot. The spirit of Singaporean's patriotism is apparent in the National Day parade. It is easy to see them get emotional during this time. One People, One Nation, One Singapore. Everyones swears by it. I am so glad to see such a united nation. Even those who are not Singaporeans can tell how much Singaporeans are proud of being a Singaporean.

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Tammy said...

Happy birthday Singapore!