Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GPS Tracking On Humans

Some of this questions might make you ponder a little bit. Did you ever felt that your spouse was cheating on you? Did you every felt the urge to tail them in what they do? Some of my women friends think their husbands are cheating on them. Few found out the truth, yes - in fact these men were cheating on them. Some of them only found out after they hired private eye investigators and took pictures. Some found out that these men, supposingly were to travel out on business trips, ended up in resort holidays or love cruise with their mistresses or lovers. How awful.

Most of the women felt that the men in their lives weren't really being very frank with them when they say they are with their men friends. So what is the solution then. It is expensive to hire a private eye to follow. This can take anything from hundreds to several thousands, depending on location too. If you already have people installing surveillance cameras, would you want to track your partner down using GPS Tracking?

If you are a parent and you aren't sure where your teenage child is, would you also have a GPS tracking installed? As a parent, I would. I would not want my kids to be up to some no good mischief. Perhaps not every time, but I might use it when they have disobeyed parents.

On me? Frankly, I don't really mind. If the world had less infidelity and everyone were honest with each other, I don't mind if anyone knew where I am. Unless you need to hide something, perhaps then it would be invading your privacy. But then, to be honest, what do you have to hide? Perhaps it should be made equal for everyone to have tracking device on them. This way, you don't have to worry about police questioning during a crime investigation. The innocent gets to be freed and the criminal ones get caught with their pants down. With a GPS Tracking device, you will be able to know where these juveniles are heading should they ever escape. There would be less crime.

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